Hops & Flip Flops Craft Beer Festival

Hopsfest is back! The annual Hops & Flip Flops Craft Beer Festival will take place at Daredevil Brewing Co located at 1151 N Main Street in Speedway , IN. The festival is a celebration of summer with the opportunity to enjoy craft beer, live music and local food, and just have a good time.

The Hops & Flip Flops Craft Beer Festival brings together an eclectic group of local, regional and national craft breweries showcasing a wide selection of handcrafted beers. Participating breweries will feature their most prized hop-centric beers, as well as something decidedly not so hoppy to provide a breadth of beer styles for attendees to enjoy. Non-sampling attendees can purchase a designated driver ticket for only $10. This 21+ event will run from 1PM-5PM on Saturday August 18, 2018.

Proceeds from the event will benefit multiple local charities and service organizations including Brackets for Good, Speedway Lions Club, and Speedway Trails.

Current Confirmed Breweries - Check Back for Updates!

Daredevil Brewing Co • Speedway, Indiana
Avery Brewing Co • Boulder, Colorado
Bear Republic Brewing Company • Cloverdale, California
Bell’s Brewery • Kalamazoo, Michigan
Central State Brewing Co • Indianapolis, Indiana
Deviate Brewing • Indianapolis, Indiana
Firestone Walker Brewing Company • Paso Robles, California
Founders Brewing Co • Grand Rapids, Michigan
Knee Deep Brewing Company • Auburn, California
Maine Beer Company • San Diego, California
New Day Craft • Indianapolis, Indiana
Revolution Brewing • Chicago, Illinois
Upland Brewing Company • Bloomington, Indiana

Whiskey Bent Valley

Now these boy will take you through the hills of ol' kentucky, bearing the stores, traditions and liquor that date back a century. This old-time band delivers with an intensity that would knock the sock right off of their forefathers feet.

Hailing from the back woods of Pee-Wee Valley, Kentucky, The Whiskey Bent Valley Boys pay homage to their southern king— songs from the tobacco fields to the rivers, iron skillets to moonshine stills, upbeat and professional, the band posesses the skill to honor history and preserve the instruments, their style and every authentic, nuance of the day. With their divers fashion sense and stage. From overalls to string ties, straw hats to silk vests, along with a turbo-charged performance, their approach breathes fire into this vintage genre.

Blending their instrumental and vocal talents are; JR on the barnyard fiddle: the bands founder, Mason Dixon, is behind his unique style of claw hammer and three-finger style banjo, guitar, harmonica, standing tall with his doghouse bass is the bands youngest member, Leroy Jones; and on mandolin and once in a blue moon—spoons, Johnny Whippermule.

Incorporatin time-honored treasures from such icons as Roscoe Holcomb, The Stanley Brothers, and fiddle legend Tommy Jarrell, or a roster of original compositions including crowd-pleasers "Whiskey Train and "Shady River" the band puts on a timeless, energiezed show; Playing everything from ballads, breakdowns, sea shanties, and swamp stomps. Audiences from children on their parent's knee to packed saloons past midnight and finding favor with the older generation as well makes for a wide range of appeal.

The boys take cues from parents and grandparents who have tapped into folk country and bluegrass through festivals, radio and endless collections of vinyl recrodings. Band founder Mason Dixon hails from a long line of musicians and will tell you it's not so much in the whiskey as it is the DNA. Each member's family performs and enjoys the indigenous music of the appalachian foothills and pastures of Kentucky.

Appearances on a wide range of radio and tiv programs, state fairs and festivals have brought them an active fan base for this region. Often times the boy bring a delicious yield of their summer crops to gigs in bushel baskets for the taking. Going even more down earth, they are taking their cd packaging "green." Their upcoming new, full-length cd sleeve is industrial hemp paper and recycled cardboard with environmentally-friendly, vegetable-based inks.

No matter whats chillin' in your mason jar, sour mash or sweet tea, come on out for a live show where the Whiskey Bent Valley Boys will be pounding out the swing dancing, foot stompin, hard=driving tunes that are guaranteed to tickle your innards.

Brandon Whyde and the Devil's Keep

Brandon Whyde hails from Beech Grove, Ind. The birthplace of one Steve McQueen. Much like “The King of Cool,” Whyde tends to leave an impression with everything he does.

In high school he was filed in the yearbook under “most popular.” He wrestled on a team that was perennially state-ranked. As running back he was captain of the football team. Whyde also played baseball and ran track.

Around the same time, he decided to play music. That seed was planted much earlier by his father, who was always singing around the house. Music was Whyde’s saving grace when his father was killed by drunk driver when Whyde was still a teen. Discovering aural poets like Bob Dylan soon introduced a new world to Whyde beyond the confining conventions of Midwestern youth. He picked up a guitar and never looked back.

A brief stint at Indiana University gave way to a self-described apprenticeship in Nashville, Tenn.

“Every night you can go out to three different clubs, watch and talk with people, and learn so much,” Whyde says of Music City, U.S.A. “Everyone is so open there to lend a helping hand. I learned so much playing second fiddle to what they were doing. I tried to learn as much as I could.”

Whyde didn’t get his big break there. That came after he returned to Indiana. During a side-stage performance at an Indianapolis amphitheater, one of the featured performer’s guitarist liked what he heard from Whyde and invited him to his home to record some demos. A year later those recordings found their way to Josh Kelley, who also liked them enough to invite Whyde to record with him.

“He’s like Bob Dylan and Tom Waits got stuck in a blender, and out came Brandon Whyde,” Kelley says.

Subsequent sessions yielded a 10-song CD that showcases the soul-searing exorcism Whyde projects not just with an impassioned, roughhewn voice that both breaks and melts, but a vintage mien punctuated by dark, curly locks and piercing blue eyes where every emotion experienced can be traced.

Since recording with Kelley, Whyde has opened for the nationally-known singer-songwriter on a month-long tour. It was an opportunity for him to experience new things and learn some too.

“I’m a natural-born people-watcher, so it’s been neat to get around to these different places and notice the similarities between all people,” he says. “Getting out and moving around, you find out we’re pretty much the same all over.”

“I mainly draw on past experiences,” Whyde says of his muses. “I’m moved more by the motors of people and telling a story that perhaps can be healing for another person. It’s been neat to meet more people. Everything else is just coloration.”

Whyde hopes for more such prospects to stay inspired.

“Right now I’d love the opportunity to just stay on the road and keep moving,” he says. “There’s nothing better than that for me. I don’t what it is. It’s just in my personality to wander somewhere new every night.”

A restless soul. Just like McQueen.

“It’s that era that I really love,” Whyde says of that bygone era. “There’s a coolness to it all that’s not around anymore.”

Except in Whyde.

– Wade Coggeshall (excerpt from nuvo.net)

Chris Weller plays upright bass.
Benji Ballard plays drums.

The Stampede String Band

The Stampede String Band is quickly becoming one of Indiana’s most sought after local bands. Their live performances are driving and honest, with intense vocals, gripping harmonies, and biting instrumentation.
The band itself is an unexpected union of warring musical traditions: hardcore bluegrass and folk rock, heavy metal and old-time brother duets, dirty blues rock and a cappella hymns. These diverse forces come together to form the perfect storm that is the music of The Stampede String Band.

$10.00 - $50.00

Tickets Available at the Door

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