Khaotika, Wormreich, Teloch Vovin, Grave Gnosis, Mehenet


Powerful female vocals backed with demonic soaring, opening the gates ov the darkness with the sound of the underground.
On May 3rd, 2014 Khaotika released a 4 original track EP ("Bloodline Empire") with 1 bonus cover track of Watain, mastered by the infamous Swedish titan - Necromorbus Studio, recorded @ Atlanta's Scott Prian Studio.
Currently the band has restructured and three new demons joined forces with the 2 main members of Khaotika. Now, as a new formation, Khaotika is working on a full album which will be born in spring/early summer 2015.

Teloch Vovin

Teloch Vovin's Music is about Creation Transcending Creator. It's about the release ov the Spirit from the Terrestrial Bonds and the Freedom that follows. Teloch Vovin is more a Coven than a band. Its members are like Minded Individuals who have joined together to Focus their Negativity, Hatred, Disgust and Scorn and Channel it Back into the world ,Thru our Music!!!

Teloch Vovin is our Monument to Death, Built with Our Very Flesh!!!
And As the Old Snake ov Madness Weaves His Wild Curse, Transfixed, the Ego and the Universe Falls to One Black Khaotic Curse!!!

Grave Gnosis

Based in St Petersburg, Florida, Grave Gnosis was formed in 2015 with the sole intent of expressing the divine experience of Death in full transcendent reverence. Translating ritual, myth, and worship into hymns of the inexpressible and untamed beauty that lies beyond the borders of our mundane world. Blending wide extremes of genre and a ceremonial live performance, the ever-growing cult of Grave Gnosis stands as a monument in honor of the Black Sun of Death.


Mehenet is a New Orleans based black metal project.


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