MainFest w/ Capital Cities, Miami Horror, Nite-Funk (Dâm-Funk + Nite Jewel), !!! (Chk Chk Chk)



Capital Cities

Los Angeles indie electro unit Capital Cities first came together as a duo of composer/songwriters Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian. The two were initially working as jingle writers and met on craigslist in 2011. Shortly after meeting, they released an EP online, which included the song "Safe and Sound," an upbeat mesh of programming and melody that went viral and gained the act a lot of Internet exposure. Eventually, Merchant and Simonian were joined by bassist Manny Quintero, trumpeter Spencer Ludwig, guitarist Nick Merwin, and drummer Channing Holmes. The fully realized live version of Capital Cities played festivals internationally, opening shows for Jane's Addiction, Asher Roth, and many others. The full-length In a Tidal Wave of Mystery appeared on Capitol in June 2013.

"Safe and Sound" went multi-Platinum in the U.S., Canada, Germany, Mexico, and others, and shot to the top of numerous international charts, including number one on alternative radio in the U.S. and number eight on the Billboard Hot 100. The music video, a celebratory mash-up of dancing from various eras and cultures, received a VMA and a Grammy nomination.

The band has toured four continents and played in front of tens of thousands fans at festivals in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Poland, Japan and Korea. They played Coachella, Bonnaroo, Outside Lands, Hangout Fest and all three South American Lollapalooza dates and then hit the road with Katy Perry on the first leg of her summer tour.

Miami Horror

Australia's favourite psychedelic-dance pioneers, Miami Horror, are set to return in 2015 with an assured, neoteric sound to cement their position as innovators in the electronic music world once again.

The past few years have seen the group release their highly anticipated debut, Illumination, to heady acclaim, as well as relocate to the US after touring the world multiple times over. Settling in Los Angeles, the four-piece quickly found inspiration in the glowing year-round Californian sun, set up a home studio and eagerly started experimenting with new sounds and projects to ease their creative itch.

Anchored by producer Ben Plant, the band found it easy to make a home between Melbourne and Los Angeles, mostly due to the elevated number of Australian artists such as Bag Raiders, Anna Lunoe and Empire of the Sun, along with friendly LA natives like Classix and Ariel Pink, helping the band to quickly settle in.

"We've found there was a strong scene and vibe in LA, if you look at a lot of the alternative electronica and dance music coming from there it definitely has a sound – we love the weirdness and sunshine. It has been a strong influence on many of our favorite records and we wanted to allow the place to influence this record, and it definitely has."

Spending the last three years crafting and perfecting new material glittered with dream-gazey synth and a matured approach to songwriting, has delivered a new chapter in Miami Horror's evolution. Providing insight into what is yet to come, anthemic singles 'Real Slow', 'Colours In The Sky' and 'Wild Motion (Set It Free)', show off polished production with attention to detail that references their Australian context, but re-establishes Miami Horror as an indie-electronica act at the forefront of the genre internationally.

Now ready with a huge second studio album, All Possible Futures is the result of the many dedicated sessions everywhere from Melbourne, Los Angeles, Paris and New York, to cumulate a glowing collection of drifting electronica-infused new-wave that marks a definite coming of age for the band.

"When I wrote the first record my musical influence was a quarter of what it is now. Illumination was written mostly between the ages of 21 to 23 and it came out when I was 24, so this record reflects a big difference in terms of maturity."

Armed with Plant's ripened perspective, the band have effortlessly defined a new direction in their sound with All Possible Futures, with the record showcasing an eclectic mix of influences from the Post-Disco and punk of Talking Heads, New Order and INXS, through to the pop influence of Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, Tears For Fears and the dreamy aesthetic of Fleetwood Mac; scattered across all 15 tracks.

Plant describes the production process as one that was key to ensuring longevity and a sense of permanence for the new album, a medium which they feel is still necessary for creating a story, and an emotional connection with music.

"We wanted to make something that lasts and grows the more you listen to it; we found a lot of fans overseas had been listening to our first album for years and that's what made us realise the importance of making something permanent. We wanted to make an album that you could listen to over five years and still discover new sounds or favourite songs." On the current state of the industry, Plant goes further to explain that a shift in how people consume music affected the new album's meaning. "We've seen the album format quiver and turn to a focus on artists writing one-off hits. We personally love albums and the story they can tell. A great album will still always stand out in history. Just like the boom of disco singles in the '70s and then again with house music, we feel like this is a time where a lot of tracks will be lost amongst sands of time."

Proving that time and introspective is key to creating their art, Miami Horror's eclectic mix of influences, experimentation with developed songwriting, and inspired new focus on identity has resulted in a progressive and heart-felt collection of songs that aim to break the mould and challenge the traditional constraints of physical time and space. A sensory voyage from start to finish, 2015 belongs to Miami Horror.

Nite-Funk (Dâm-Funk + Nite Jewel)

"When combined, Nite Jewel and Dâm-Funk can arguably be considered a supergroup, as both artists have forged their own solid paths in the underbelly of the electronic music scene. It was only a matter of time before the pair joined forces on a real project: They've been teasing that union for close to a decade now through one decent collaboration and several loose associations. On their long-awaited collaborative release Nite-Funk, we get a glimpse of what these two can do when their creative forces unite on an EP, and it’s lightning in a bottle." - Kathy Iandoli - Pitchfork

!!! (Chk Chk Chk)

!!! (generally pronounced "chk chk chk") is a dance-punk band that formed in Sacramento, California, in 1996. The band's name was inspired by the subtitles of the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy, in which the clicking sounds of the Bushmens' Khoisan language were represented as "!". However, as the bandmembers themselves say, !!! is pronounced by repeating thrice any monosyllabic sound. Chk Chk Chk is the most common pronunciation, but they could just as easily be called Pow Pow Pow, Bam Bam Bam, Uh Uh Uh, etc.

Dead Sara know how to slay an audience. When Jefferson Airplane frontwoman Grace Slick is a fan, Dave Grohl says, "Dead Sara should be the next biggest rock band in the world," and Muse personally invite you to open several arena shows for them there is no argument you command a stage with an undeniable explosiveness and passion. What takes a band to the next level though is when they can channel that energy in the studio, bringing that same vitality and rawness to record. Dead Sara, with the help of producer Noah Shain, have figured that out on their second album, Pleasure To Meet You, delivering a powerful statement that just might make Grohl's prophecy come true. From the ferocious opening one-two punch of "Suicidal" and "LA City Slum," songs made to ignite an audience live, the Los Angeles-based quartet of singer Emily Armstrong, lead guitarist Siouxsie Medley, bassist Chris Null and drummer Sean Friday deliver a savage message to listeners that this is a band intent on fulfilling all of the promise of their first album. Mission accomplished. Armstrong says this is due, in large part, to the group's hard work on the road. "Playing to a lot of people and the bigger size had a lot to do with this second record I think,. Playing with Muse and in that capacity was an adjustment," she says. "And we made this adjustment because we knew we could fill it, Of course watching Muse too was so fucking inspiring. So it was a quick growth for us and we caught on. We were able to get on it every night, put our best foot forward and it shaped us a little bit. We started writing a little bit here and there at that time. And we had that more in mind. 'Where can we take this?'" Fans of the first album know that Dead Sara is much more than the hard rock of the breakthrough radio hit "Weatherman." This alternative band incorporates blues, pop and rock into their powder keg of a sound. It's a sound born from their disparate roots and long-term camaraderie. Null and Friday played together on the 2008 Alternative Press tour backing an artist by the name of Sonny Moore, now better known to the world as Skrillex. Armstrong, who started as a folk singer growing up on the music of artists like Fleetwood Mac, met Medley in 2002, writing their first songs together in 2003. They met Null and Friday playing in LA and what started as a temporary unit has become a full-fledged band. On Pleasure To Meet You, a title that comes from the song "LA City Slum," they expand that musical palate even more, with stellar results. They follow the aforementioned aggression of the top two tracks with a slight nod to doo wop on the rhythmic "Mona Lisa" and the quartet's most upbeat track yet, the infectious "Something Good."
One thing astute listeners will notice is the heightened space and detail given to lyrics, like on "Mona Lisa," where there is a pause after Armstrong sings, "I'm so cold and lonely, I could be dead." The silence is fleeting, but enough to make the starkness of her lyrics stand out. That is a band growing more comfortable with themselves. "On this record I've noticed that I'm not hiding behind a lot of delay anymore, whereas the first record I was very self-conscious about singing, I'd never really done a record. And you will hear so much fucking delay and reverb," Armstrong says. "But I've become so much more confident as a singer. And I think, like Siouxsie's saying with her Morrissey, Smiths type stuff, we used a lot more of the twangy guitars on this record, which was rad, because we didn't necessarily overdrive everything and put a shit ton of everything just to get through the record." "This second record I definitely feel more time was put into it and we're much smarter. We're a little bit more grown up," Friday says. The first record was recorded largely in 11 days according to the band. The youth and freshness was definitely part of the appeal for fans, who saw the hunger in songs like "Weatherman," "Lemon Scent" and the powerful "Face To Face." On Pleasure To Meet You though they've mixed that zest with savvier songwriting and production. "Between the first and the second record and even now more on the third we're definitely getting into changing the key and what actually feels the best," Medley says. "'Do we want it dark? Do we want it happier?'" Dead Sara have definitely pushed themselves on Pleasure To Meet You, taking those new tricks to make a unit. "On 'Something Good' or 'Greaser' there are full three-part harmonies now. And that's something we never would've done on the first," Armstrong says. "So with that aspect we've grown into using everything we possibly can as a musician in a band. Because everybody can do their own thing individually, but there's something special about when we can use it all together for one purpose." Null agrees this is more of a band album. "Even though I think it's still varied song wise and the tonality of the record is more cohesive than the first record," he says. All of that cohesion and unity reach their zenith on the epic closer, "For You I Am." "It was a jam that we pressed record when we started jamming on it, just me sitting on one chord singing and then the band chimes in and we fucking finished. And the structure stayed the same. And the lyrics are almost exactly the same, but it was a moment where everything aligned and that's a rare moment," Armstrong says. "It was done so beautifully and Noah really understood that song, where we were coming from on it and how important that song was, especially closing out the record. Everybody in the band put their piece to it and shared it."

Thee Commons

Since banding together in 2012, psychedelic cumbia-punk quartet Thee Commons have made waves in and around their hometown of East LA. Featuring los hermanos Pacheco and one of several lively session bassists and recently added saxophonist, these romp 'n' rollers have managed not only to marry two unlikely genres -- world's apart -- in perfect pastiche harmony but also are planning to spread this East L.A. sound all throughout the USA this summer. Altogether, Thee Commons have played well over a hundred shows, gaining in the process hundreds more in fans -- those eager for something new to call their own. They have performed at several of Southern California's prestigious venues, including The Echoplex of Echo Park, The Teragram Ballroom – both of which they've headlined -- The Regent Theatre of Downtown Los Angeles, and the Observatory of Santa Ana; have been hosted for a residency by pocho wine bar Eastside Luv of Boyle Heights -- which consisted of a weekly burlesque-dancer-entangled-affair dubbed the "Cumbia Psicodelica Cabaret"; and have opened up for such acts as Chicano Batman, Bomba Estereo, Bombino and even unofficially -- by way of an impromptu guerilla-style street show -- for The Pixies.

Discographically, Thee Commons' "DIT" (do it together) hard work ethic has yielded them a debut 7-inch vinyl EP paradoxically titled Sunburn at Midnight -- self-released spring 2013 -- and a fragmented compilation entitled Rock is Dead: Long Live Paper and Scissors, which is to say an 8-volume limited edition EP series, the volumes of which they released successively throughout 2014 -- and which have since sold out. (Fun fact: the first volume cover was illustrated by drummer René Pacheco, and the remaining seven were designed by frontman David Pacheco.) As of 2015, however, Rock is Dead is available, via their bandcamp, as a full-feature 20-song CD, as a specialty, limited edition cassette originally released by the independent O.C. label Burger Records, and as a limited edition 10-inch -- 10-song -- vinyl. Apart from these endeavors, they have also created musical scores to two film productions, one to underground 1920's silent film _ and the other to a children's animated video book entitled Forest Friends, a Producciones con Sal collaborative effort which can be found on YouTube.

Looking forward, 2016 has seen a second run of their 10-inch vinyl -- released by Burger -- a new 7-inch vinyl that includes their refreshing cover of Los Saico's "Demolicion," as well as a new full-length album "Loteria Tribal" --released by Burger as well-- featuring a repertoire of songs that further bridge the gap between a Latino and non-Latino demographic. Needless to say, the future looks auspicious for these young and determined "chunsters" who doggedly strive to take their music throughout the U.S.A. this summer and perfect their hypnotic yet invigorating act -- which includes an intertextual take on Nirvana's "Love Buzz" and a grungy cover of Selena's "Baila Esta Cumbia"-- and disseminate the perfect pastiche that is psychedelic cumbia punk. -Martin Cossio

If one is to cast their vision far enough out to sea, their eyes will eventually settle on a point where the line between ocean and space becomes indistinguishable. Two unexplored frontiers intertwined in a beautiful, pseudo-psychedelic moment of infinite hope that begets the desire to pursue adventure. It is here that LA-based psych-pop duo, SWIMM, live creatively. Originally hailing from the stretch of Floridian beach known as the 'Space Coast', where residents deal with the sonic resonance of space shuttles shaking their houses and watch rockets launch into space from the beach, SWIMM has created a sound that blends ethereal soundscapes and sun-soaked, beachy vibes; a perfect representation of the unique place in which they grew up. When you add the poignant satire that the band tends to favor lyrically, SWIMM's music takes on the delicate balance of thoughtful musicianship, social awareness and immediate relatability that seems to be the common thread shared amongst most bands that are considered timeless.

SWIMM"s latest release, the Beverly Hells EP (24West Records), maintains all of the traits that led to their debut Feels EP catching the eye of so many tastemakers around the blogosphere, but it also picked up a level of maturity and thoughtfulness that came along with the "culture burst" (as Hess describes it) of moving to Los Angeles. If you listen to the record, their new city has a very distinct influence over the lyrics and mood of each of the effort's six tracks. From the tongue-in-cheek satire of LA culture that forms the basis of the EP's title track, to the reflection on the duo's friendship and pursuit of their dreams in "All The Time", the EP is very much a statement on this formative experience for the band and the artistic evolution that has since taken place.

As every Angeleno-transplant knows, turbulent times are synonymous with sunny days. Like walking through a hallway of mirrors, SWIMM's Beverly Hells EP paints a vivid picture of their adopted home city's neverending search for validation and reason.

Too Bad

Too Bad is an electronic rock duo based out of Venice, CA. The band formed in 2011 while Gerry Saint and Justin Brescia were surfing. Between catching waves they began discussing the bands they were currently members of and decided they should collaborate. They both embarked on creating a new sound of EDM, merging their favorite genres of "Punk Rock and Electronic".
In the summer of 2012 the duo set out to record their first EP entitled "Permission To Land". Releasing eight songs, they were confident that their ideal sound had been captured, but they weren't sure what to call it. After weeks of brainstorming for an identity of this new genre, they coined it "Astro Punk".
This original sound consists of hard electronic beats, heavy bass lines, rock style vocals, and most notably distortion guitar. Astro Punk is a sound that is highly unique, yet still familiar enough to capture people's attention. Too Bad will take you through a wave of emotions. It's the feeling of having coffee and a cigarette at the precise moment the caffeine and nicotine explode in your body. With lyrics painting the picture of a grungier nightclub scene, drug fueled after parties, and life on the other side of the tracks in Los Angeles. Too Bad takes you light years away from the glitter pop EDM that's bombing the airwaves today.
Shortly after the release of the EP Justin Brescia left the duo, leaving Gerry Saint to determine Too Bad's future. With out missing a beat, Gerry had begun holding auditions and through a Craigslist ad Jason Napier the front man of the popular Pop/Rock band Sink to See answered the call. Jason nailed the audition and Too Bad quickly began doing shows all over Los Angeles and Orange County. Their shows are full of high energy, and combine the greatest elements of EDM being performed live in front of captive audiences.
The bands unique sound is currently on the path of perfection as Gerry and Jason write songs highly focused on being Astro Punk. With a new single on the way entitled "E-Ho" it captures the epitome of the sound, lyrics, and energy that is Too Bad.

Kauf self-released 2 songs, Relocate and When You're Out, in 2011, with heavy drum production, dense, cinematic synth buildups and his own high-pitched, echo-laden vocals. They found their way to Dan Whitford of Cut Copy, who soon after signed Kauf to Cutters Records for a 4 song EP. This led to DJ sets around his home base, Los Angeles, premiering his live show at Mexico City's M.N. Roy, followed by shows at LA venues like El Rey Theatre and The Roxy, a remix of Tony Castles for Lost in Records, feature film sync licensing, and scoring music for a video on His first EP, As Much Again, was released on Cutters records in July 2013, and his full length debut is nearing completion . His first single, Relocate, has been remixed by Moons , Psychemagik (Psychemagik), Nile Delta, and Mind Enterprises.

"[Relocate] is dreamy, dirty and synthy in all the right ways, touting slightly yearning vocals and a neon-fused melody. " - Indie Shuffle

"[Relocate is] the best parts of SMD's "I Believe," Caribou's last album and The Presets "Girl and the Sea" with a whopping dose of Italo Disco via Tangerine Dream." - Virgin Mobile Live

We are pr0files, an electronic indie-pop duo living in sunny, but twisted Los Angeles, California. We write songs about sex addiction, hypnotherapy and love. We like to infuse our music with early 90's R&B mixed with trancy synths and a lot of vocal harmonies. "Jurassic Technologie" is the title of our upcoming debut album, named after our favorite museum in LA (you should check it out sometime).

The Order of Life And Death

Veronica Bianqui

27 year old Veronica Bianqui was born in Los Angeles and raised during the rise of all things lo-fi and jangly; but for her own work, she prefers to skirt the edges of LA's garage rock revival, rather than jump through the eye of the storm. With her catchy-as-all-hell songwriting, strong melodies, and effortlessly complex song structures, her music is a playful mix of Classic R&B/Soul, pop and garage rock. It's as personal as any female songsmith of the early seventies, but with serious raw 60s power in every note-like like if Carole King opened her mouth, and out came Tina Turner!

That's not to say Bianqui sounds like Tina Turner, or like anybody else, but there's definitely something of the Ikettes review in her stage presence, and her history. Before breaking out with her solo material, Bianqui performed in local horror-garage band Isaac Rother & The Phantoms as well as in Jail Weddings across the U.S. and Europe. While her own career eventually took precedence over both those projects, she still finds time to play with psychedelic stoner rock band the Blank Tapes.

In a few short months, and only one recently released single (on Lolipop Records) under her belt, she has managed to already get a swarm of press, including an LA Weekly Show Pick of the Week, "Ears Wide Open" feature on Buzzbands.LA as well as "Hot New Artist" on Grimy Goods, and airplay on LA's top tastemaker independent station KCRW.

Last year, she put together a hugely successful residency at Hollywood's trendy venue Harvard & Stone, averaging over 200 attendees each Tuesday. She recently opened for Mikal Cronin in Manchester, UK as well as played a string of additional UK dates in November/December. Upon her return to LA, she had the honor of playing The Echo's annual FOMO Fest featuring handpicked, up-and-coming artists to watch.

With a new single due out in the next month, and an EP later this year, it's safe to say, with only limited material online, and the praise she's gotten for her performances, 2016 and beyond is looking up for the young songstress.


"If she isn't already on your radar she should be now." ~Grimy Goods

"The chorus will lodge itself in your brain, and the verses contain some quirky gems that are worth savoring." ~Buzzbands.LA

"Tuesday night's show attested why people are showing up in droves to see the new L.A. indie rock it-girl." ~Janky Smooth

"Cheeky lyrics like "I like it rough, and you like it round" give Bianqui a level-up from girl next door to girl you want to be seen cruising town with." ~Indie Rock Reviews

"Special praise is saved for the production, pitched perfectly between lo-fi garage and glossed-up bubblegum." ~lo-pie

Listed as one of Top 10 acts to see at Echo Park Rising 2015 by Grimy Goods and Indie Rock Reviews

An imaginative electric orchestration of reverberating synth pop," is how listeners best describe Los Angeles based musician, NK-Riot. Conjured and critiqued throughout the winter of 2013, NK-Riot has evolved to what can only be referred to as dark and revolutionary cyber-grind music.
By combining dance-punk, and chip-tune noise such as, computer glitches, dial tones, and sub-Phatty rhythms, NK-Riot produces a unique analog experience.

NK-Riot's recent acclaims flourish among LA's underground, as well as the U.K. The Self titled Ep, "NKRIOT", Released in Fall of 2014, has made it's rounds on both grassroots compilation radio, and internet podcast, such as, 88.9 KXLU, 88.7 KSPC, and KSCR Podcast. In Early 2015 "LP DISCO 83" a single from the Self Titled Ep, released a music video with guest appearance cameo by Jeremy Ruzumna, Keyboard Player oKevin:m:m:f Fitz and The Tantrums, and also featuring the historic 6th Street bridge in Boyle Heights, LA.

The titled Ep, "Radio Walk", featuring hit single "Hey It Ya", has been in rotation on 94.7 Saint FM, along with the full length debut album, "Origins of Evolution." The LP demonstrates the beginning of a new musical direction; one that stems from the roots of funk, experimental rock, break-beat, fusion, trance, and dance.

Nk-Riot uses technology to share his vision with the public. Summer of 2015, NKRIOT developed his "Holo Display." A hand-held, portable plastic device that users simply place on their mobile phones to see any holographic video in 3D. He released this device to the public to accompany his latest music video for the song "We are the Future." To honor his love for the film "Back to the Future," he worked alongside director Ben Trandem to take viewers on a journey through time. In the video, Nk-Riot drives around in a flashy Delorean, making for an amazing handheld adventure when viewed with the Holo-Display.

Nk-Riot has also put together his own music equipment setup called The Riot Lab. Made up of effects processors, synthesizers, and who knows what else, it is custom built, chrome-plated, and one of a kind. NK uses this unique machine to create electrifying, funky dance beats that can accompany electric guitar solos and vocals, making them sound arena-ready.

In addition to the raw eccentricities of this live solo-project, is the anonymity, in hopes to preserve the quality and focus of the music.

Nk-Riot's first full length album is due in February of 2016 on limited-edition vinyl.

King Washington

It would be easy to slip into editorial clichés about "bringing back" a certain sound and making it "all their own," but the connection an audience can tie between what they will hear and what they can feel deserves better than that. It was a matter of seconds into my first time experiencing King Washington's music before I knew I had found something I hadn't been exposed to ever before, and I still remember that moment. Clearly. You get the feeling that there isn't a note, lyric or change that isn't in it's perfect place. It's just familiar enough to where you will feel comfortable that you're not being left behind while the song tells secrets, but always unexpected enough to where you won't see it coming. That, my friend, is a delicate balance. And KW stands tall along the precipice. -Lucas Salazar

Night Talks

Night Talks is an alternative rock band based in Los Angeles, California. With vocals that are equal parts angelic and razor-tipped, bass and drums that drive, and powerful, shimmering guitars, they'll remind you of the first time you stayed in your room all night listening to a record.

DRÆMINGS spent her early years reading dark fairy tales while listening to a warped cassette tape of Ace of Base's The Sign on repeat.

At 17, she ran away to San Francisco, where she was adopted by a gang of drag queens and street urchins. She embarked on a strange, magical adventure which included a short stint as a gangster rapper, a incubation period in India, and a heart-break fueled weekend that resulted in her writing 5 songs that would comprise her demo, and the birth of DRÆMINGS.

Her dark, powerful melodies, colorful lyrics and intense live show have drawn comparisons to the likes of Siouxsie , Bowie, Florence, and Chrissie.

She's currently the only female act, and one of the only alt-pop acts signed to the seminal metal label SUMERIAN RECORDS.

Her eclectic full-length, The Eternal Lonesome, produced by Eric Palmquist (The Bad Suns, Trash Talk, Night Riots) will be released in Spring of 2016.

Psychic Love

Tell your distant cousin who works in A&R that our first full length is finished and ready to be heard.

Like being lost at sea… A labyrinth of thoughts, desires and confusion channeled into wading waters of the unknown. Brass Box will take you on a journey through life, death and the darkness that swells beneath the surface, reveling in the dark hidden areas of the heart that most tend to ignore.

Moon Ensemble

Moon Ensemble is a combination of influences including; ShoeGaze, Funk, Blues, and a generous dash of Psychedelic Dance. The combination is dubbed "Funk Gaze," and they are the pioneers of this Genre. The band consists of 4 musicians who grew up in the same town but their paths did not cross until 2014. Eager to stimulate the minds of their audience, Moon Ensemble just released their self-titled EP. Indulge yourself in the music and get lost in your memories.

Dancing Tongues

Dancing Tongues is a trio from Los Angeles formed in the fall of 2015. Drawing influence from the angular and creative approaches of the late 70's punk movements and mid- century modern art, the band plays a version of minimal post-punk music that is both danceable and energetic.

Their sound is constructed on the foundation of the rhythm section's relentlessly driving dance beats balanced with staccato breaks. This force is completed with sparse, almost primitive, accents of guitar positioned between howling vocals. Dancing Tongues consists of Alex Lavayen, Josh Gonzales, and Kevin Modry.

To wrap up their first year as a band Dancing Tongues are set to release their EP, Positions, this fall.

Iconique's heavy disco rhythms entwine with silky synth highlights to encapsulate the shimmering grit of the Los Angeles music scene. Self-produced and written, their material lures listeners to the dance floor with a synthesis of sounds ranging from Chic to David Bowie. Formed in 2015, the trio consists of brothers Eric Promani (drums / synths) and Greg Promani (guitar), and frontman Leo Paparella (vocals / synths).

Music Producer & Song Writer, Joe McFly from Pomona California brings a futuristic electronic sound layered with uplifting vocals.

HiRSH is an indie alt electronic pop artist from Northern California. HiRSH writes big anthemic songs about personal freedom because thats what he loves to do. And that what he strives for. Freedom of self. Freedom of expression. Freedom to life you want. When you find the thing that makes you feel most alive you go at it as hard as you can. Turn off the clocks. Keep your head down. Fearlessly fight for the life that you. That's all we really got. Do you and don't stop. That's HiRSH. Peace.

Jubilo Drive

Inspired by the scenic landscape of California, Jubilo Drive have started a journey to create music that reflects the emotions of the geography they inhabit. They independently released their debut album, "Taqueria," in October 2015 after a successful crowd funding campaign, and have since been featured on Buzzband LA's Friday Local's Playlist and added to the new music bin of KCRW's Liza Richardson. The four members have a varied taste in music, and draw inspiration from rock, psychedelic, soul, funk, jazz, punk, jam, metal, and other world music. Covering every corner of Southern California's live music scene, the band has worked tirelessly to make a name for themselves as hardworking live musicians.

Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin is a 21-year-old singer songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona. Influenced by story telling artists like Eminem and Paul Simon, Alec began writing songs in his bedroom at the age 15. Upon graduating high school, Alec moved to Los Angeles where he studied at USC. Alec has just completed his debut album with the focus track "I Built a Friend" currently receiving AirPlay on KCRW. Alec performs with his boombox (for his beats), guitar, and piano. Alec likes cheese pizza, bald eagles, and is afraid of spiders. He also hates biographies and talking about himself in the third person. 🙂

Awesome Rapper from the Awesome City of Awesome Los Angeles...he's got deep roots in the hip hop scene through Leimert Park and beyond. Is a Member of DIY collective The FMLY represents Indie Rap Label/Crew Hellfyre Club Headed by Low End Theory's resident host NOCANDO. He's toured with Big rappers and indie bands and he raps all over town from a club to diy venue to bike ride to birthday partys to museums and festivals...His name is Kyle Guy and his rap name is VerBS.

Manhattan Murder Mystery

"every Manhattan Murder Mystery show is like a battle royal. A wonderful, scummy battle royal." -Radio Free Silverlake.

Dez Fink

Some smoove jams, others to knock you on the floor.

Thoz Meddlin Kidz


Cooper Saver

Cooper has been an avid music collector all his life and helps curate regular club nights in the LA area where he often DJs with both local and international guests. In his spare time Cooper likes writing his own music and spending time collaborating creatively with like-minded individuals of the cities he loves.


For one night only, members from 4 of your favorite bands in town shall magically touch tips to create a musical machine that will stand the test of time. Come all those who dare to enter the partially attractive universal valley.

Masha has a country heart, a heavy metal soul, and a voice that resembles the hypnotic eye of a fierce hurricane. She began singing at age 11, and just a decade later, her haunting covers of popular radio singles were amassing millions of views on YouTube. Born in Latvia, raised in New Jersey, residing in Nashville, her list of musical influences is as long as her spirit is deep. This unique perspective, along with the strength and character of Masha's voice, come together to make music that shocks, enchants, and inspires.

Eliza May

Eliza May is a Russian DJ best known for her unique mixing style and turntablism skills.

Her set can be described as an explosive mix of R&B, Hip-Hop, EDM and Pop music with elements of turntablism and scratching.

Miss DJ Bliss

Patrícia Lin, better known as MISS DJ BLISS, is a DJ and a special events planner from São Paulo, Brazil currently residing in Los Angeles. With over seven years of experience, BLISS has spun for some of the most prestigious and upscale venues in LA such as The Standard, The W Hollywood Hotel, The Elevate Lounge downtown, Wokcano Restaurant & Lounge, and The Vault Night Club to name a few. She is currently a resident DJ at Seventy 7 Lounge in Culver City downtown.

In 2010, BLISS was selected to be the first female DJ to ever spin for SpoCom USA, the nation's largest automotive consumer exhibit and show. The following year, she was one of the few contestants chosen to shadow Los Angeles' top hip-hop radio station Power 106's radio host Big Boy and DJ E-man for an entire year. Additionally, she has DJ-ed and helped coordinate over 100 weddings across California and is currently Laugh Factory comedian PK's wedding DJ. Most recently, BLISS DJ-ed for Amber Rose, Recycle Across America, Disney, and BuzzFeed.

When BLISS isn't performing, she manages her company MISSDJBLISS Entertainment and works at DJcity, the world's leading subscription-based digital record pool and news for DJs. BLISS has also worked at RCA Records/Sony Music Entertainment for several years doing publicity for some of the world's biggest artists. "Find your purpose, master your craft, take risks, and always give it your all."


A true work in progress.

$30 - $60


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