Kim Lembo, Audrey Howard, and The P's & Q's - Private Parlor Show (($10 adv/$15 day of show))

Kim Lembo

From 1993 to 2001, Kim Lembo recorded 4 albums for independent label Blue Wave records. Belting out rocking blues from France to the eastern states and Canada with her band “Blue Heat”, her special blend of hard rocking blues, gospel and roots brought out a voice unique in its depth, universal in its world weariness.

After a long break working in the non-profit world, Lembo is coming back with a fury. Her voice, preserved in the break continues to evolve and reflects the depth of life and the world around us. She has spent the last several years writing her 5th release titled “45 Miles”and will begin recording in the summer of 2015.

When asked to sum up her last 15 years, Lembo says this: “The purpose of my semi-retirement from music was to discover who I am off the stage. I had spent most of my life prior either on the stage or, trying to get on it. The irony is, the work I was doing often times brought me on stage to talk with hundreds or even, thousands of people. I guess it is just who I am. That said, I’m much more interested in evolving and growing as a musician than trying to be a rock star. I’m fascinated by how music heals, moves, motivates and brings us together in community. It is a spiritual quest now, the wannabe rock star days behind me. I wasn’t very good at it anyway. I’m much better at being part of the whole of the experience as opposed to being the focus. ”

Look for Lembo’s upcoming album, “45 Miles” 2016.

Audrey Howard

Melodic indie-rock, edgy alt-country, punk-pop, singer-songwriter: all these and more can describe Audrey Howard's music.
Her guitar playing is inspired by her heroes Jack White and Jimmy Page. On stage, Audrey can evoke the tortured passion of PJ Harvey, or the sass of Chrissy Hynde, or the smooth wit of Suzanne Vega.

The P's & Q's

Employing their trademark 3-part harmony blend, the P’s & Q’s skillfully weave their voices and and those of their instruments into sweet porch music. From soft, contemplative ballads to rousing, toe-tapping ditties, The P’s & Q’s are sure to please even the most finicky of Americana music lovers.

$10.00 - $15.00


$10 in advance and $15 day of show online and at the door.

Private Parlor Shows are open to all friends and fans of The Lost Church and the performers.

Seating is first come, first served. We recommend you buy in advance to ensure being a part of the event (parlor shows often sell out), but you can also try purchasing at the door on the night of the show.

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