Merchandise is the result of years and years of hallucinatory heat and musical quarantine in the skinhead mecca of Tampa, FL. A trio-gone-duo-gone-trio again, the band has been active since 2008, releasing numerous cassettes and CD-R's, along with two full-length LP's on Katorga Works. It's members (RCC, PDB, DMV) all have strong roots in the underground punk community, having released records and toured with much too many acts to be mentioned in this fragment of a bio.

2012's "Children of Desire" marks a turning point for the band. Their initial post-punk palette has begun to actively incorporate various influences from krautrock soundscapes to country ballads, from 1950's crooners to Madchester dopers. Sounds and ambitions have grown and multiplied. The platform continues to grow and the future remains uncertain, but Merchandise show no signs of slowing down. Expect more tours and records and movies and books and etc and and and…

Solo projet of Robert Toher, best known for his work with ERAAS, the Brooklyn-based electronic project.


Flasher is a trio from Washington, DC consisting of childhood friends Emma Baker (drums),Taylor Mulitz (guitar+vocals), and Daniel Saperstein (bass+vocals). After nearly a decade of cutting their teeth on a handful of different projects in the DC DIY scene, Flasher formed in late 2015. They released their debut 7 song self-titled EP on Sister Polygon Records in April 2016.

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