The Acoustic Guitar Project (1pm)

The Acoustic Guitar Project

The Acoustic Guitar Project was created to help musicians reconnect to the original moment that inspired them to be singer-songwriters. Back to a time when it was just them and their guitar. Focused. Challenged. Creative. Most likely self-exiled to an isolated space. And definitely completely lost in the moment. By giving musicians a platform with simple restrictions, we hope that The Project will inspire them.
Since beginning in April 2012, The Acoustic Guitar Project has evolved, and it continues to be redefined everyday, but the mission will always remain the same:
• Inspire artists to take action.
• Tell stories from a truthful, meaningful point of view.
• Strive to give people something to believe in.
Like any good song — in the process of being written — there's no way of knowing where this project will go. That's for the music to decide. We can only sit back, listen and enjoy.

$16 Advance/$18 Door


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