Katalyst is a ten piece band formed on September 27th, 2014, after a show for L.A. Renaissance. Since then, Katalyst has gone on to play in the prestigious Walt Disney Concert Hall with the Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles, backing recording artist Dion at Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek's Reflection Eternal concert at the Belasco Theater, and a host of events and concerts in the Los Angeles area. Katalyst is also the creator of #Inglewoodstock, a popup concert series featuring many of Los Angeles' most talented bands, rappers, and vocalists.

Katalyst's style of music can best be described as "Contemporary Instrumental". Each one of "The Kats" writes and composes, and as such, original compositions are filled with a variety of musical influences. Katalyst is not just a band however, it is a collective of producers, composers, session musicians, writers and educators. Whether it's scoring an independent film, producing tracks for artists, or arranging and performing an artist's music for a live show, Katalyst has all the elements to bring musical visions to life.

GENR8R is the brainchild of childhood friends Ian Roller and Gabe Steiner, an all-star cast combining elements of Funk, Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazz Fusion, and Rock. It is a groove mechanism designed to get you moving...
So let's move!

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