Bambara, Ritual Humor (Record Release)

"Seeing a Bambara set live is sorta like getting trapped in a long, dark corridor with the vague sensation that you are being followed by the thing that terrifies you most … so long as what you're scared of is experimental indie bands with a tendency to be mellow very loudly."

Ritual Humor

Celeste Carballo, Mathew Petronelli, & James Stuart.

One Prayer One Sin

One Prayer One Sin's chaotic but composed saxophone riffs, monstrous Cale-like violin lines, and dark, funk-driven, minimal basslines and percussion all indirectly underscore a very acute sense of song structure, melody, and composition. The addition of John Carpenter-esque analog synth wails and treatments crossfade into their screaming gospel choir (yes, they have backup singers too) evoking Young Americans and Berlin-era Iggy Pop. Caution: you will be moved to dance inappropriately. The lack of guitar opens a lot of sonic space and right there strides Scuotto's surprisingly deep, warm voice – floating amidst the waves – delivering narratives, with his unmistakable New York cadence, of a world that can exist only in an undiscovered Burrough's novel.


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