"...catchy, crass, and fucking hilarious." - Pitchfork

" charged and vital and absolutely withering as circa-2014 punk rock can possibly be, and it's very funny, too." - Stereogum

"Would have been much cooler if they were guys and not from Seattle."
- Anonymous comment on Brooklyn Vegan

"They're like Beyonce because they recorded an album in five minutes and then released it into the world knowing it would be well received because it has the word "Fuck" in it and explores life affirming subjects like shitting in adult diapers, and scissoring." - Ryan Gosling

Aye Nako is a 4-piece collaboration made up of Mars Dixon, Angie Boylan, Jade Payne, and Joe McCann dedicated to untangling histories of abuse, race, trauma, family, love, gender, and a misrepresentation of identity. Also a dissonant and melodic punk band carving out a space to co-exist in the fold between music, art, and politics while trying not to be priced out of New York City. Formed in Brooklyn, NY during the summer of 2010, Aye Nako has performed at basements, clubs, museums, and schools all over the country. As an update to the sound heard on Unleash Yourself, their first, self-released album, they've self recorded a new EP titled "The Blackest Eye".

Named after Toni Morrison's 1st novel, "The Bluest Eye", The album lyrically takes on the similar themes of cultural conceptions of beauty and worth and the devastating long term effects it can have on those who do not fit those conceptions. The songs narrate through singer/songwriter Mars\'s experiences with physical abuse, family, anti-blackness and racial self-acceptance while growing up in the southern united states. Musically it all comes together through dual guitar leads, precise drums, fuzzed out bass, and an underlying appreciation for the darker side of pop sensibility.


"Tarra Thiessen, Natalie Kirch, and Janet LaBelle are a force to be reckoned with when put together. Their sound is energetic and wild, fitting for a band with a name like theirs. It's rough and raw and soaked in whisky, just the way the best bands are." - The Village Voice

"...they are the kind of badass babes you'd crash a rich kid's pool party with, probably while wearing 4-inch platforms, definitely while swilling a bottle of Jim Beam. In other words: they're a whole lot of fucking fun." -BUST Magazine

" doesn't take long to hear that there's more than bad-assitude behind Sharkmuffin's crunching riffs, thundering drums, and punk-simple bass lines. The band's kick-to-the-stones ferocity amplifies solid songwriting, while Thiessen's noise-rock fretboard assaults are balanced by nuanced technique. Amidst the noise, there's plenty of cleverly applied tones and expressive dynamics." - Premier Guitar Magazine


Sharkmuffin's name fits. The Brooklyn 3-piece outfit crafts adorable pop music with jagged, garage-aged fangs. With 12 years of guitar playing under her belt, Tarra Thiessen (vocals/guitar/theremin/pocket piano) discovered bassist/vocalist Natalie Kirch at the Jersey Shore on July 4, 2012 only months before the very beach house in which they met was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. After a run with a couple drummers, a trip to SXSW, the release of their first self-titled 7", and the release of their first EP "She-Gods of Champagne Valley" in April 2013, Janet LaBelle joined the sonically crushing trifecta during CMJ 2013. Soon after they released the "1097" EP, named after the beach house Natalie and Tarra first jammed at, providing four quick but intense slaps in the face, as each biting track clocks in at less than two minutes.

With a short West Coast Tour and tracking scheduled for February 2014, Janet LaBelle suddenly unfortunately had to step down due to an arm injury. Patty Schemel (Upset/Death Valley Girls/ex-Hole) filled in last minute for Sharkmuffin's LA dates and also recorded 10 tracks with Sharkmuffin for their first LP. The rest of 2014 was filled with touring with a beautiful cast of fill-in drummers including Leslie Hong from Haybaby, Rebecca Derosa from Fisty, and Mattie Siegal from Granny, playing on the east coast and Midwest with Dead Stars, a few Warped Tour dates, and a full solo west coast tour. With a recipe of influences, from The Breeders, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Hole, The Ventures, to early Black Sabbath, Sharkmuffin has evolved their super-heavy, noise-punk-meets psychedelic power pop. Their debut LP, "Chartreuse," featuring Patty Schemel on drums, will be released Summer 2015.

Tin Vulva

TV is an alternative punk-inspired band from the Gowanus underground exploding at high decibels of shredding rhythm, riot grrrl soul, and heavy melodic, grunge rock undertones.

What does TinVulva mean? Feminist? Queer? POC? Riot grrrl?
We're just nerdy misfits that like to rip it and besides where would our voices be heard
otherwise? Certainly not in the mainstream. Music over matter!

See you on the floor!




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