Freak Heat Waves

Freak Heat Waves

Freak Heat Waves second full length beams through like a soundtrack to a dark and greasy tale of a futuristic post punk band that grew up listening to krautrock, Television and The Fall and follows their adventures through sleazy discos, underground punk venues and gleaming white art galleries.

The album explores this strange world. The first single, "Design of Success" is a strange and sexy look into an alien nightclub. "Dig A Hole", features Steven Lind's sharp guitar riff and monotone vocals riding the skeleton of a bass line into an incendiary proto-punk guitar solo. "Liquid Honey" sounds like a subway ride with Eno. Thomas Dininno's robotic drums and retro-futuristic production make "A Civil Servant Awakening" sound like a great lost UK post punk single. The propulsive bass of James Twiddy on "Comfortable Conversation" brings to mind the endless drives of a DIY touring band.

The record follows their self-released and out-of-print debut LP and extensive touring of North America on their own and with friends Viet Cong (Jagjaguwar/ Flemish Eye) and Each Other (Lefse). Freak Heat Waves calls Victoria BC home but the album was recorded and mixed over the course of a year on islands and cities and small towns across Canada.

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