Mezcal Dinner with Judah Kuper of Mezcal Vago

4th Annual Oaxanukkah Dinners at Comal

Four years ago, Comal executive chef Matt Gandin coined the name Oaxanukkah as a mash-up of two words: Oaxaca (Comal’s biggest culinary inspiration) and Hanukkah. As the name would suggest, the annual Oaxanukkah Dinners at Comal bring two disparate culinary styles — traditional Hanukkah dishes and Gandin’s signature Mexican style — together for a celebratory, family-style meal.

The 4th annual installment of these multi-course family-style dinners will take place in Abajo, Comal’s intimate private dining room, on Monday, December 3rd and Tuesday, December 4th. While a menorah will be lit, this is first and foremost a fun cultural celebration.

Oaxanukkah Dinner Menu

Tequila-cured Salmon avocado, endive, radish, cilantro oil
Potato-Jalapeño Latkes crema, spiced apple salsa
Braised Beef Brisket ancho chile adobo, carrots, raisins

Rapini w/chile arbol and garlic
Saffron Rice
Midnight Black Beans de Olla
House-made Tortillas

Bunuelos Flavor King pluot-ginger marmelada



Price Includes Food, Mezcal, and Service Charge Note: Comal's private dining room is not ADA accessible.

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