Kate Borkowski will be showcasing her debut album, "Beautiful Little Fools", for the first time at DROM NYC on Saturday, 6/23/12. The talented singer/songwriter, with her haunting voice and elusive lyrics, will be supported on stage by the supremely talented Jon Evans (bass, Tori Amos) and Steve Holloway (drums, Riverdance). 

"Beautiful Little Fools" was mixed entirely by Marcel van Limbeek (Tori Amos) and mastered with care by the legendary Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound in New York (Paul Simon,Graceland). "Beautiful Little Fools" includes an impressive list of well-known musicians: Ben Smith (Heart); Keith Lowe (Fiona Apple); Mac Aladdin (Tori Amos); John Philip Shenale (Tori Amos); Rosemary Banks (Tori Amos); Garey Shelton (B. B. King) and John Morton.

In support of the unreleased LP, Kate released "The Vodka Honey EP" (VHEP) on 9/13/2011. Kate worked hand in hand with Marcel van Limbeek and John Philip Shenale in the creation of this EP. VHEP is a six-track EP based around "In My Stoli", the opening track from "Beautiful Little Fools" (release date pending). VHEP includes four unique versions of "In My Stoli" (including the studio version from Beautiful Little Fools), and also features two Euro-dance mixes, a B-side, and a remix of the LP's title track "Beautiful Little Fool". All tracks were mixed by Marcel van Limbeek and strings arranged by John Philip Shenale.

"The Vodka Honey EP" will be available for purchase at the 6/23/12 show, so be sure to go home with your own copy.


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Join us at DROM on 6/23/12 as Kate Borkowski premiers the stunning effort that is "Beautiful Little Fools" in New York City.

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