Elsa Nilsson

Elsa Nilsson

Combining the rich heritage of her Swedish homeland with jazz and varied musical influences from around the world, Nilsson and her quintet will showcase arrangements of Swedish traditional music as well as original compositions.

Nilsson has built her career upon her belief that all folk music (including jazz) has a common thread, and that by weaving those threads together, a deeper, more intimate understanding among contrasting cultures can be reached. It is in this spirit that Elsa's "absolutely gorgeous” (Karen Pauley, KSER, Seattle) compositions shine through.

Each member of the band brings his or her own flavor to the music, creating a cohesive thread in a cross-cultural musical exchange that holds jazz at its core. With Nilsson leading on flute, the band also features Jeff McLaughlin on Guitar, Alex Minier on Bass and Cody Rahn on Drums and Percussion.

Video of “Tiny Bridges, Homemade Islands” from EP “Växer” here:

“Elsa has a beautiful conception of music.” -Chris Potter, renowned jazz saxophonist

"I would've never thought that innocent face encompassed so much creativity" -Hubert Laws, award-winning jazz flutist

“Elsa's sound is strong and she is expanding horizons as a flutist.” -Jovino Santos Neto, Grammy nominated composer"



GA Seated || Please note, there is a two drink minimum in the room


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