King Parrot, Child Bite, Black Black Black, Cetus

King Parrot

King Parrot is a 5 piece band from Melbourne who play extreme music with elements of thrash, death, grind and punk rock. Uniquely Australian with their energy, presence and humour King Parrot are well renowned for their aggressive and visually entertaining live show. Since the bands inception onto the live scene in Australia in 2011, their work ethic and commitment to touring and releasing new material has seen them become one of the leading acts in this genre. The band recently won Best Heavy album at The Age Newspaper/Music Victoria music awards and also won Act of the Year at The Cherry Bar - AC/DC Lane - Jagermeister awards for 2013. The band will head to SXSW in Texas in 2014 and undertake a full US tour after.

Both releases have been serviced by Impedance Records in Australia. This year King Parrot signed a 3 album worldwide deal with Candlelight Records who are based in the United Kingdom and United States of America.
Candlelight Records are affiliated with EMI label services and Caroline Distribution in the USA and Plastic Head distribution in Europe.
Both King Parrot the EP and album have been combined and released under the "Bite Your Head Off" banner for the worldwide market.

In March 2013 the band self funded a tour to Indonesia where they played 6 shows and appeared at Obscene Extreme Festival in Jakarta. Festival organiser, Miloslav Urbanec proclaimed the King Parrot set was one of the "most enjoyable performances he had seen in his 20 years of running the festival". King Parrot has been a major draw card on Australia's Bastardfest, Obscene Extreme, Devil's Kitchen, Dead of Winter, Cherry Rock and Whiplash Festivals.

In June 2013 King Parrot participated in a national tour presented by youth broadcaster Triple J with internationally recognised acts Thy Art is Murder and Cattle Decapitation (USA). They have recently just finished a tour with another internationally renowned group Psycroptic, and have followed that up with their own Australian tour in September 2014. Solidifying the bands presence in the national market, King Parrot have recently been rewarded with the cover of Veri-Live magazine in July, and will feature on the cover of the nationally distributed Heavy Music Magazine in August.

A second single and video for the track "Bozo" has just been released. The video is based around the bands live performance and was filmed at the Cherry Rock Festival in AC/DC lane Melbourne in May 2013. Their first single and video for the song "Shit on the Liver" was a finalist in the Australian music video competition at St Kilda film festival. The video has over 100,000 hits on Youtube and has been hailed by critics and media alike as one the best Australian underground heavy metal video's of all time.

Child Bite

Shawn Knight - Vocal, Guitar, Keys/Samples
Sean Clancy - Bass
Brandon Sczomak - Guitar
Jeff Kraus - Drums

Black Black Black

Lying dormant but just as deadly as a volcano, Lansdale, PA’s Cetus has arisen after a brief hiatus. For those not familiar, they have been plugging away at their craft for over a decade, starting with 2004’s Archiac EP, and culminating in their upcoming full length, The Remnant Mass, due out early summer 2015. A constant mainstay in Lansdale’s local scene, Cetus looks now to spread their music far and wide. Never one to embrace trends, their music is anything but derivative yet still somehow familiar. They could be described as the bastard child of Neurosis and Botch, but just when you think you have a handle on them, they’ll throw a curveball. Mixing technical wizardry with visceral emotion in a blend of hardcore, technical metal, sludge, and something else entirely their own (influences drawn from jazz and genres completely outside the norm come into play), Cetus is sure to please anyone who is into heavy music at all.

In 2015, music is watered down. Bands go for fashion over substance, and all music, but especially heavy music, can come off stale and forced. Cetus cares not for these things. Cetus just wants to crush you. Embrace the crushing. The Remnant Mass will set a new benchmark for heavy music, and we here at Dullest Records could not be more thrilled to help spread the word.

Written by Danny Katz, Dullest Records

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