PUBLIC ENEMY  New date is May 7th

Public Enemy

Public Enemy, also known as PE, is a hip hop group from Long Island, New York, known for its politically charged lyrics, criticism of the media, and active interest in the concerns of the African American community.

In 2004, Rolling Stone Magazine ranked Public Enemynumber forty-four on its list of the Immortals: 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.Acclaimed Music ranks it the 29th most recommended musical act of all time and the highest hip-hop group.The group was inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame in 2007.

100 Shots

100 SHOTS is a seven piece band that sounds like The Clipse, Rage Against the Machine and Amy Winehouse are doing donuts in your parking lot. Heavy beats and guitar, sharp as knives rhymes, cuts, and hooks blessed by an actual angel.

"100 Shots is a metaphor for a second chance. The hundredth shot. Also we like guns and booze."

The main MC's/song writers are RH1N and T.G. who have been working together for ten years as the hip hop duo Gamer Life, putting out three albums independent all produced by RH1N and doing 100's of local gigs in Denver. But they wanted more. Three years ago they began putting together the band that is 100 SHOTS. Bass player Ben Martinez, lead guitarist Mike Spyder Moreno and Everett Dickensheet on drums were the first draft. Since adding DJ Diabolic and songstress Elizabeth Rose to the squad 100 SHOTS is complete. Everybody in the band has over ten years each of experience performing music. At their shows you get what you pay for.

Two years ago they recorded a promo CD to get the word out. This year they finished their first independent album "Red Rain" and dropped it on 8/15/15 at the Gothic Theatre in Denver, CO. Recorded at the legendary Colorado Sound Studios with engineer/co-producer Jesse O'brien.

"Red Rain" is where they shine, but the live show is where they do what they do best. Throw down 100 SHOTS.

$20.00 - $55.00


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