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Banned Books

Banned Books' sound is multidimensional, molded into form by drummer/vocalist Zane Kanevsky and Matt Dermon on guitar. The duo has played together since God knows when, often with others but most recently taking shape as the two man band that's currently recording & touring to build the follow up to 2012's "Flawless Demo" (which was released on the Magic Death Sounds imprint).

Freak rock in a basement. Arching, bending, swaying, trashy fuzz beats. Lots of heavy noise and a good chance of breakage. That's Banned Books. Let it sink in.

Hey beauty people! I am an Austin, TX based solo artist known as Shmu also birthed as Sam Chown. I write, produce, perform, engineer, arrange all my own recorded material as well being the drummer/vocalist/other misc. instruments in the duo Zorch.


"The Lord made me Different!"
Vanillalord is a 4-piece rock band from Philadelphia.

Their sound spastically spins a jagged web. Threads weave wildly through the caverns of neo-psych and post-punk, spirals are sewn around power pop and art rock. Like melting marbles in a Rube Goldberg machine. Spiky shell, softer gothic center.

Their "Layman's Worms" EP was self-released in mid 2015. A second EP "Macro Plaque PAC" is scheduled for release in late 2015 on Boiled Records.

Sun Hat

Sun Hat is a band of grownups formed in Philadelphia earlier this year. One guy said one of their songs kind of sounds like Deerhunter.



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