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Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes

For Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes - 'comfortable' has never been a word associated with their brand of raucous, roots-tinged rock and bluesy reverie. The Jukes have more than 30 albums on their resume, thousands of acclaimed live performances across the globe, and a vibrant legacy of classic songs that have become "hits" to their large and famously-dedicated fan base. "With the Jukes, you're out there every night leading this great rock n' roll circus, giving it everything you've got" says Southside Johnny Lyon.

The iconic Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes have now released the much anticipated SOULTIME!, their first new studio CD of all original material in five years, on Leroy Records in September 2015. SOULTIME! celebrates the transformative power of '70s soul music and represents a return to - as Southside sings - "just letting the music take us away". This new release encapsulates everything that fans cherish about Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. The pattern of horns plus rhythm - each song painted with catchy choruses, top-notch string arrangements and gospel charged vocals - keeps on coming.

The new CD was written and produced by Jeff Kazee and John Lyon, and was recorded at Lakehouse Recording Studios in the Jukes' hometown of Asbury Park, NJ. SOULTIME! features Southside Johnny on vocals and harmonica, Jeff Kazee on keyboards and vocals, Glenn Alexander on guitar, bassist John Conte, Chris Anderson on trumpet, John Isley on saxophone, Neal Pawley on trombone and drummer Tom Seguso. The band will continue to tour steadily throughout the U.S. and overseas.

The Jukes' last CD release was 2012's Men Without Women: Live 7-2-11, recorded live on July 2nd, 2011 at the Stone Pony's Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes performance with Little Steven Van Zandt. The disc featured live versions of the songs from the Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul 1994 album of the same name, along with three Asbury Jukes bonus tracks.

2010's "Pills and Ammo" was The Jukes last studio CD, with other recording highlights being the critically acclaimed "Hearts of Stone" and "Better Days" albums. Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes first achieved prominence in the mid-1970s, emerging from the same New Jersey Shore music scene as now legendary contemporary and pal Bruce Springsteen. Southside's first three albums, I Don't Want To Go Home, This Time It's for Real, and Hearts of Stone were produced by Steven Van Zandt (E Street Band, The Sopranos) and featured songs written by Van Zandt and Springsteen. "I Don't Want To Go Home" became Southside's signature song, an evocative mixture of horn-based melodic riffs and soul-searching lyrics. Rolling Stone Magazine voted Hearts of Stone among the top 100 albums of the 1970s & 1980s.

With a decades-long successful career, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes continue to deliver their soul-searing brand of raucous blues and R&B, with material mined from their many albums, featuring hits like "I Don't Want To Go Home", "Love On The Wrong Side Of Town", "The Fever", "This Time It's For Real", "Talk To Me" and their definitive fun-time cover of "We're Having A Party". The Jukes' legendary high-energy live performances always satisfy with their classic blend of Stax-influenced R&B and gritty, Stonesy rock and roll.

Jorma Kaukonen

In a career that has already spanned a half-century, Jorma Kaukonen has been the leading practitioner and teacher of fingerstyle guitar, one of the most highly respected interpreters of American roots music, blues, and Americana, and at the forefront of popular rock-and-roll. He was a founding member of two legendary bands, The Jefferson Airplane and the still-touring Hot Tuna, a Grammy nominee, a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the most in-demand instructor in the galaxy of stars who teach at the Fur Peace Ranch Guitar Camp that he and his wife operate in picturesque Southeastern Ohio.

Willie Nile

The New York Times called Buffalo, NY born Willie Nile "one of the most gifted singer-songwriters to emerge from the New York scene in years." Uncut Magazine called him "A one-man Clash." His album Streets Of New York was hailed as "a platter for the ages" by Uncut. Rolling Stone listed The Innocent Ones as one of the "Top Ten Best Under-The-Radar Albums of 2011" and BBC Radio called it "THE rock 'n' roll album of the year." His single from that album, "One Guitar," was the "Top Pick of the Week" in USA Today.

Bono, Bruce Springsteen, Pete Townshend, Lou Reed, Lucinda Williams, Jim Jarmusch, and Little Steven are among those who have sung his praises.

His album, American Ride, won "Best Rock Album of the Year" at the Independent Music Awards. It appeared on dozens of year-end Top Ten lists for 2013 and was voted "Album Of The Year" at Twangville Magazine. Bono called it, "One of the great guides to unraveling the mystery that is the troubled beauty of America."

In November 2014 he released a new album of piano-based songs, If I Was A River, to universal critical acclaim. "One of the most brilliant singer-songwriters of the past thirty years" said The New Yorker. Uncut called him "the unofficial poet laureate of New York City."

Willie has toured across the U.S. with The Who and has sung with Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band. As the induction program from the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame says: "His live performances are legendary." He is currently touring in North America and working on a new album due for release in early 2016. He lives in New York City.

New Riders of the Purple Sage

Having originally featured most of the members of the Grateful Dead, The New Riders of the Purple Sage still brings honor to psychedelic country/rock, a genre they helped create. Anyone who enjoyed the Grateful Dead's Workingman's Dead or American Beauty and wanted more, then or now, this show is for you. Plus, who wouldn't want to hear the Riders' reefer-themed hit "Panama Red"?

Keeping the dream live, the New Riders have just released a brand new studio album, 17 Pine Avenue, that features twelve new songs, seven of which were written by David Nelson and Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter -- including "Prisoner of Freedom," "Fivio" and "Suite at the Mission." The NRPS renaissance continues to grow with the release of 17 Pine Avenue. It's psychedelic Americana at its finest.

Joe Grushecky & the Houserockers

Hosted by WRAT/WDHA's "Anything, Anything" DJ Rich Russo

"In a better world, Joe Grushecky would live in a mansion down the road from Springsteen's.....Who do you know who has made back-to-back great albums more than 20 years ago, and is doing the same thing now. There's Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Neil Young, Springsteen, maybe a few more. He's on that level."

Hot on the heels of the release of arguably his best album to date, Somewhere East of Eden, Pittsburgh bred Americana rocker Joe Grushecky has been hailed as one of rock and rolls grittiest and most talented singer-songwriters in publications ranging from Rolling Stone to Billboard to No Depression magazine throughout his 30+ year career. Along with his Houserockers which include former Asbury Juke and current E Street Band member Ed "Kingfish" Manion on tenor sax and roadhouse rocking' blues belter Eryn Shewell, this special 2 set evening features songs spanning his entire 18 album band and solo career, electric and acoustic, including his famous collaborations with Bruce Springsteen (The Grammy winning "Code of Silence", 1995's seminal album American Babylon and "Another Thin Line"), his stellar work with Ian Hunter and Little Steven, selections from his Iron City Houserocker days and some great Halloween musical treats!

Joe D'Urso & Stone Caravan

Joe D'Urso & Stone Caravan, an Americana/Jersey Shore/Rock & Roll band, released his 14th CD on SCR/Schoolhouse Records, titled "Jersey Diner" in January 2018. The CD was recorded in Nyack, Rockland County, NY at OK Records and will feature D’Urso originals as well as songs written by Rock and Roll’s greatest songwriters (Springsteen, Waits, Chapin)

The CD runs from straight-up Americana rock and roll, singer-songwriter offerings, Jersey Shore and Greenwich Villages influences as well as Catskill Mountain country tinged instrumentation. Joe has performed in 25 countries with his band Stone Caravan as well as a solo artist.

Greg Lykins (guitar), Sam LaMonica (drums) and Jerry Scaringe (standup bass) were joined by many guests on Jersey Diner but make up the backbone of Stone Caravan.

D'Urso remains true to an ideal inspired by the late Harry Chapin: that it is essential to help the less fortunate. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Light of Day Foundation, which raises funds and awareness for Parkinson's disease. Joe is a founding member of Pinkfest, whose sole purpose is to battle Breast Cancer, and also sits on the board of WhyHunger and is a founding member of Artists Against Hunger and Poverty. Joe is also the owner of Rockland-Bergen Music Festival and a partner in C.B.G.B.


Gary Douglas Band


There are really only two kinds of music. THE GARY DOUGLAS BAND does the second kind. Music No. 1 aspires to be well crafted, with sophisticated lyrics, nice melodies, maybe
some polished orchestral arrangements.

Then there's rock 'n' roll, Music No. 2, which kicks that chair out from under you, cranks up the volume, slams out a beat like punches to the gut and dredges its message from
the deepest passions singers and listeners can bear.

Sweeten it from the wells of Americana, country music and blues, and you get the music that drives GARY DOUGLAS. He drank it up in the streets of Brooklyn as a kid, where, in his words, "everybody knew everybody's business. Everybody was hot-wired
about whatever was on their minds."

It became even more critical when his family moved with him to more placid surroundings on Long Island. There, he recalls, "It became a religion to me, profound and meaningful. Music gave me a way to channel my feelings, whether I understood
them or not. I always found an outlet for feelings I couldn't resolve, figure out or handle by playing music. It was indispensable."

Nothing unusual there--for millions of kids around the world, rock 'n' roll is an essential rite of passage. But what happens when the passage is completed? Usually, they settle down, get a job ... and start listening to Music No. 1 instead.

That's not exactly what happened with DOUGLAS. He played in bands all the way through college and beyond. Then, in his words, "I had to make a living." So he hung up his shingle and became a lawyer -- a rock 'n' roll lawyer, actually. "I'd walk into court with my suit on and my hair long below my shoulders," he recalls. "I
always fought for the little guy. Judges hated me because I hated authority. I was unorthodox and unconventional -- and successful."

And also, he adds, "completely unfulfilled. I kept telling myself, 'I should be fucking happy but I'm not.' Something was missing. It was always this." "This" was the rock 'n' roll, its whiff of danger and ability to mission past comfort zones toward extremes. "It's that feeling you get when you're listening to the lyrics of a really
great Springsteen song and it’s like, 'Fuck, yeah! Thank God somebody out there feels like I do.'"

See, DOUGLAS never let go of that music that gave meaning to his life. He never sank into the easy chair of Music No. 1. Maybe it's because for all that he achieved as an "adult," he remained a person governed as much by emotion as ideas. His peers
sublimated those feelings or forgot they'd ever had them. Not DOUGLAS. He always kept a guitar in view at home, kind of like a talisman just waiting to be picked up.

Finally, one day, DOUGLAS did pick it up. And everything changed. His chops came back. His singing voice toughened to the point it could convey everything that he had to express -- ecstasy, heartbreak and all points between -- at full power and all night long.
Just as important, new songs started coming together. "Writing became my catharsis," he says. "I might not even feel like I'm in the mood to write, but I'll go to the piano or guitar and if I'm lucky I'll channel something I can put into a song. Sometimes it's a good
feeling; more often it’s uncomfortable. But in the end I'll feel better and I'll have something I can share with the world."

Backed by a ferocious new band, DOUGLAS took to the road. They opened on a 28-city "Guitar Gods" tour that featured Yngwie Malmsteen, Bumblefoot from Guns N' Roses, Gary Hoey and other monster pickers. When back in New York, they tightened
further through local club gigs. And there, DOUGLAS felt he had found again what he was looking for.

You can feel that magic on KEEPIN’ FAITH. Finished in the spring of 2015 and available now, the album taps into the energy that empowered Springsteen, Seger and other classic rockers. The urgency of "My Desire," restless summons to seek a better
life "Out on the Highway," explosive anger of "Lord I Try," screaming release of "Stop Bringing Me Down," broken romance of "Goodbye Marie" -- every shred of feeling throughout KEEPIN’ FAITH comes straight from the now liberated heart of

Of course he had help on this mission, from the flawless support of THE GARY DOUGLAS BAND (guitarists Jeremy Goldsmith and Mark Marshall, keyboardist Scott Chasolen, bassist Dan Asher, drummer Stefano Baldasseroni, horn player Nick Biello and backup vocalists Yula Beeri and Clara Lofaro.Producer Anthony Resta’s (Elton John, Needtobreathe, Collective Soul, Guster, Perry
Farrell, Nuno Bettencourt, Shawn Mullins, Sarah Evans) creative input was also critical.

“If I sing it some way but he knows I'm wrong, he has a great way of getting you to see the light,” DOUGLAS explains. “And I would go, Yeah! Got it!’ Next time I write a song, there’s not gonna be anything extraneous to it, thanks to what I’ve learned from working
with Anthony.”

This is music that could tempt the sedate back into the fire of Music No. 2. The hooks, the blazing guitar solos, and muscle of the old-school Hammond organ, above all the
redemptive power of GARY DOUGLAS, tell a story that won't be denied.Maybe it'll change a few lives too. Just ask GARY.
"We played this club two nights ago in a small venue where the whole place was jumping. It was fucking awesome. I don't need to be a superstar. I don't need to play
Madison Square Garden -- although," he adds, with a smile, "I wouldn't turn it down. But when it's right, when the place is packed and rocking, that's it. That's all I want.

I always feel best at these clubs where people, the whole place, is jumping. When we have those nights, that's it. That's what it's about for me."Sometimes that's all any of us need.

Professor Louie & The Crowmatix

One of our favorite jam band staples, Professor Louie & The Crowmatix, returns and brings ST94 regular Craig Thatcher and Nyke with them to open the show! The Crowmatix have been seen and heard all throughout Americana rock. Multi-instrumentalist frontman Aaron Louis Hurwitz engineered and performed on The Band's last three albums and looks forward to paying The Band tribute in this show. He also produced and performed with Graham Parker, Commander Cody and New Riders Of The Purple Sage. The Crowmatix backed solo albums by Levon Helm in addition to releasing their own albums, including the latest 'Music From Hurley Mountain,' which they will also perform. And just to make it extra exciting, joining The Cromatix on this show is The Band's Rock Of Ages horn section!

Bobby DiBlasio Band

Bobby Diblasio grew up a short drive from the GW Bridge in Bergen County, NJ. Throughout the course of his life and long musical career, DiBlasio has been influenced by artists such as Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and The Byrds. While singing and playing is 12 string guitar, Bobby skillfully consdtructs his own distinctive sound by fusing together blues, rock and folk. His creative style can be appreciated and more importantly enjoyed by anyone.In 2013 DiBlasio released his first 6 song EP. A year later in April 2014, he released his first album aptly titled "It's Worth Something To Someone"

Chihoe Hahn

Chihoe Hahn is a singer-songwriter based in Rockland County, NY. He has performed in alternative rock and country bands for the last 35 years and now performs his own brand of "folk" music with just acoustic guitar from Beacon to Northern NJ. His songs are of everyday life, love and loneliness, and stretch to social commentary. A unique voice, he has opened for the likes of Steve Forbert, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Jimmy Cliff, the dBs, and James Maddock. His latest CD, "Introducing" included such notable musicians as Carl Burnett, Al Hemberger, Rocky Bryant, Yan Falmagne, Bill Rankin and Jim Campilongo, and has received warm reviews and local airplay.

Compton Maddux

Compton Maddux has been recognized by CMT, NSAI, Gary Allen, Deena Miller & Glenn O’Brien for his country rock singing & songwriting. Out of over 4,000 NSAI entries Compton’s soon to be hit song "Black Violin" placed in the top 15 and was a 2008 CMT NSAI Listener's Choice Finalist.

"Black Violin" was also selected by Gary Allen (JJ Cale/Charlie Daniels Band) as the winner of the Tennessee Concerts April 2008 Song of the Month Contest. Gary's comment was "Man, you win hands down - Simply the best song and best submission. "Black Violin" has also received Honorary Status from the Great American Song Contest.

Compton was handpicked by Deena Miller (Daughter of Jimmy/Rolling Stones Producer) to kick off the "R U Man ENUFF" portion of her acclaimed Chick Singer Night. He was the first man ever to perform in this new series. Compton performed in Memphis at The North American Folk Alliance.

Returning to New York he opened with his band, Dirt Simple, for Nanci Griffith at The Lincoln Theater in Hartford CT.

Compton was featured by Glenn O'Brien of GQ Magazine in his Style Blog. Says Glenn, “Compton Maddux was born in NYC but the country in him comes straight outta Compton - right from the DNA. He is a true country singer from the most urbane and densely populated area of the nation.”

Compton has traveled with the international performance organization Project Troubadour playing in Central and South America, Africa and Asia. Living in NYC he played numerous venues most notably the Lone Star. A few years back a Dutch producer saw him saw him play at Sun Mountain Café, which led to the making and release of his 1st album FEET OF CLAY. This album featured guest spots by John Leventhal, Richie Havens, Lucy Kaplansky, Jeff Golub and Jim Lauderdale. Compton penned all the tunes, sang and played acoustic and slide guitars. Later he played 110 nights/ 1 night a week for two years with his co writer Paul Jay at the BMW Bar in Manhattan. Says Compton, "There is nothing like a continuous live gig to hone your writing and performance. This gig allowed me to get smaller and less dependent on production. My next record came directly out of that experience. I didn't want to build tracks/ I wanted to capture a performance.” That album is entitled Dirt Simple.

DIRT SIMPLE is an acoustic based blues-Appalachian weld along the lines of Allison Krause and Steve Earle. The material is peppered with humor and irony. Says Maddux, "I like to put sex and religion in close proximity and paint the America that I would like to exist..." Players on DIRT SIMPLE include Allison Cornell (Shania Twain) on fiddle/vocals and Bill Ruyle on hammer dulcimer and percussion. Gary Solomon on standup bass. John Moses/ dobro and banjo. Steve Hardwick and Gil Paris on electric guitars. It was recorded live on a rainy night at Lenny Posts' studio in Blauvelt, N.Y. Other contributing writers include Paul Jay and Eliot Osborn from the Outerspace Band; a band that Compton has played with since college. This band continues to play in the northeast and is legendary there. It has 2 albums to its credit.

Dead Mile Dance

Dead Mile Dance Bio:

Dead Mile Dance began their adventure together sometime in 1999. The band members, all veterans on the east coast music scene, had an instant chemistry from the moment they jammed. They bring together a wide and diverse range of musical experience. The fun they have performing together is evident at every show. They are most noted for their three part harmonies, duel leads and soulful groove as well as regularly having guest musicians (and local drunks) come up and jam.

The band, which has become a Tri-State area favorite, plays a mix of southern and classic rock anthems from artists such as the Allman Brothers, Eagles, Creedance, Doobie Brothers Marshall Tucker, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Neil Young, Rolling Stones, Beatles and many other great groups you instantly recognize.

Jimmy Miller: Bass, Vocals bio
Brian McFarland: Drums/Percussion
Steve Harris: Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Vocals
Tom Strand: Electric/Slide Guitar, Vocals

GLINT: a little bright spot in a world of darkness… After dropping out of high school and parting from a successful career on Broadway, Jase Blankfort naturally gravitated towards a new creative force of what is now Glint. A critically acclaimed frontman, producer & songwriter, Jase is also a partner & resident producer at the band's atypical warehouse studio HQ, appropriately coined The Factory.

Hailed as an arena-rock "wall of sound," the live outfit is centered around multi-instrumentalists Jase Blankfort & his counterpart Anders Fleming, who at 19 years old, became the driving force of Glint's anthemic heartbeat.

Over the years, Glint independently paid their dues and played the bigs, touring all over the US and 12 countries in Europe, opening up and supporting legs with MGMT, TV on the Radio, The Airborne Toxic Event, BT, Ghostland Observatory, Broken Social Scene, Big Country, David Cook, Duff McKagen, The Hold Steady, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Ash, Black Lips, etc.

The band was written up for their live show in several publications like Billboard, Artrocker & NME, including iTunes' & NME's download of the week.

After teasing fans with the release of 2 EPs in 2015, the Nyack, NY based band Glint is happy to announce the upcoming release of a new album, Inverter. Due out Friday, March 11th via Votiv/Universal, it marks Glint's first long-player for the label. Today the band shares the album track "Daydreamers" - a heart on your sleeve anthem.

Greg Trooper

It's not surprising to learn that artists from Steve Earle to Billy Bragg are Greg Trooper fans. Trooper, A New Jersey native now based in Brooklyn, excels at character studies, painting wonderful portraits of people living through good times and bad times. His matter-of-fact delivery – as both a singer and a songwriter – bring a sense of realism to the tales that he tells. His music lives at the intersection of Memphis soul, Greenwich Village folk and Texas troubadour. As a live performer he is articulate, quick-witted, extremely musical, sassy and outrageous, compassionate and kind.

His songs have been recorded by numerous artists including: Vince Gill, Steve Earle, Billy Bragg, Robert Earl Keen, Maura O'Connell, Lucy Kaplansky, Tom Russell and Walt and Tina Wilkins. On previous albums he's had help with harmony vocals by the likes of Emmylou Harris and Rosanne Cash.
Trooper spends more than half the year on the road playing festivals, theaters, listening rooms and house concerts.

Greg Trooper's thirteenth album, Live At The Rock Room, is a recording of a single performance in January 2015 in Austin, TX. It features standout Texas musicians Jack Saunders on upright bass and Chip Dolan on keyboards and accordion. This collection of 14 songs delivers a cross section of Trooper's work over the years as well as the brand new heartbreaker "Broken Man".

Jesse Terry

"Jesse Terry's melodies ring with instant accessibility and a clear connection, conveying a brilliance and clarity that most veteran artists still strive for." -No Depression

Jesse Terry is a singer/songwriter with an uncanny ability to weave tales of travel and homecoming, of sorrow and of redemption, into songs that are simultaneously timeless and fresh. Home is now the coastal village of Stonington, Connecticut, but Terry's music reflects an amalgam of influences, from Nashville to Laurel Canyon. His melodic and lyrically-driven Americana fits naturally on a playlist between cuts from Jackson Browne, Ryan Adams, Josh Ritter and Neil Young.

The buzz over Jesse Terry continues to build, with tours bringing him from coast to coast and across oceans to the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, and New Zealand. His music has appeared in CW's Hart of Dixie and PBS's Roadtrip Nation. Earlier this year, ABC used "Stay Here With Me" for its series "Forever." Person by person, state by state, country by country, his fans, supporters, and colleagues have grown exponentially in the past few years. A gentle warmth runs through Terry's voice, and his lyrics, while grounded in wisdom acquired through years on the road, offer up hope for a kinder tomorrow.

$20 advance / $25 door

Joe Delia & Thieves

On top of multiple gold record success as a Film Composer, Pianist and Producer, Joe Delia adds a new venture--Joe Delia & Thieves. Joe Delia & Thieves rocks a bag of originals, as well as some classics seldom heard. The high-amp blues, surf and rock and roll songs include very popular tunes from Joe Delia’s critically-acclaimed Killer Joe “Scene of the Crime” CD, including “There’s Nobody Home”, and “Chicken Shack Boogie”.

Newer songs have also been enthusiastically received at live shows and two are available on iTunes and CD -- “(FIMB) Rock and Roll ‘til the Day I Die” and “Montauk Moon”. Other very popular originals, soon to be released are: “Smoke and Mirrors”, “Crash Your Party”, “Drunks Way Home” and “Good Thing”. The latest is the highly suspicious “Getting Over Jane”.

Thieves is Joe Delia (bandleader, vocals, songwriter, piano and bass), Klyph Black (guitar , vocals), James Benard (drums), Randy Hudson (bass, vocals), PJ Delia (management, back up vocals). There are also other Thieves who sit in from time to time, including Richard Belzer, Mick Hargreaves, and Walter Noller.

Joe Delia is internationally-known on stage as a consummate showman and blazing keyboardist. He has toured extensively with many headliners, including Pat Benatar, Dave Edmunds, Chuck Berry, Stevie Wonder and David Johansen. Delia was Musical Director, Pianist and Arranger for The Buster Poindexter Show with Johansen, which gave Joe Delia’s arrangement of “Hot, Hot, Hot” to the world.

The list of Joe Delia’s rock and roll credits rolls on and on. It also includes piano on recordings with many popular artists, including Dusty Springfield, Grace Slick and Janis Ian.

Joe Delia is also well known for his film scores for director Abel Ferrara, including “King of New York”, “Bad Lieutenant” and “China Girl”. He has composed scores for over 30 feature films, including “Carlito’s Way (Rise to Power)”, “The Tao of Steve” and “Substitute II”. Delia has also scored hundreds of television episodes. Including series for Nova and National Geographic.

Currently, among other things, Joe Delia is a regular composer for the PBS/NOVA series and is touring with Thieves. He often puts on comedy/music shows with Richard Belzer.

PJ Delia 5/8/2011

Joe Simio And The Compromised

Joe Simio and The Compromised Bio:

Joe Simio and The Compromised are a folk/rock/reggae/shredtastic four piece band from Hillsdale, New Jersey. The band consists of: Joe Simio, Tony Vienckowski,
Chris Willem and Mike Battista

For more information:

Loretta Hagen

Reviewers describe award winning singer-songwriter Loretta Hagen as ‘heart driven, soul filling, Folk Americana.‘ Her rich alto voice and strong song writing skills have led her to win many awards, including a JAM Awards’ (Jersey Acoustic Music Awards) “Top Female Songwriter of the Year,” JAM nomination for “Album of the Year,” Billboard and ASCAP wins, winner of the NJ Folk Festival Songwriter Competition and designation as a CT Folk Festival finalist.
“This effort [Mud and Stone] is first class, top tier. Loretta Hagen is a true contender as an artist to reckon with.” John Apice ~ No Depression ~ Loretta Hagen “Mud and Stone”

Hagen’s third CD, “Mud and Stone,” features uplifting folk ballads, up-tempo country swing, and cool, bluesy grooves. “Mud and Stone” debuted at #10 on Folk DJ Charts, consistently #1 on the Roots Music Report for NJ, #5 Top 50 Folk Albums RMR, and continues to receive airplay throughout the US, Canada and Europe. She has performed at premiere venues across the Northeast and Nashville, sharing the stage with Pete Seeger, Roger McGuinn, Sloan Wainwright, Steve Forbert, Richie Havens, Kim Richey and Marshall Crenshaw among many others.
“With her smart, insightful lyrics, and catchy melodies Loretta Hagen certainly knows her way around a song. Plus judging by my audience’s reaction at her recent appearance at Concerts at the Crossing, she’s got a knack for connecting with a live audience as well. My only regret is that it took me so long to book her.” -Scott Cullen, Concerts at the Crossing, Titusville, NJ

Following her critically acclaimed CD “Something More,” co-produced by Pat McInerney (Nanci Griffith), Hagen released “Sundown Till Dawn,” a CD that garnered rave reviews and radio play across the country. Sundown Till Dawn is extremely personal, with the title track written about her mother, since passed on, who suffered with Alzheimer’s disease. The emotionally charged ballad is included on the soundtrack of the film “10 Mountains 10 Years.”

Loretta is back in the studio working on a release slated for 2016. Loretta performs primarily with her trio consisting of husband/guitarist Gary Hagen and djembe players Linda Lambiase or Curtis Kretz.

McMULE - Blues, Grass & Old Time
“...this is the best roots music/authentic bluegrass album I have heard in years. This is a group of really talented musicians who have devoted their lives to this music.” - Commander Cody, Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen

“Whiskeytalk haunts, each song is a different skeleton rattling in the
closet. The music is sparse, transcendent and hypnotic; the voices cry out from somewhere between Appalachia and the Mighty Mississippi.”
- Howard Weiner, host of Visions of Dylan 99.5FM WBAI, New York

“...McMule has some serious game! They ride an intriguing breed of Jam Grass, mixing flavors of Welsh, renaissance/folk to kick-ass swing.” - Buddy Cage, The New Riders of the Purple Sage

Tim O'Donohue & The TMU Band

Tim O’Donohue & The TMU Band Bio:

As a young man, he often listened to The Grateful Dead. These days, Tim O’Donohue is just grateful that he isn’t dead…anymore.
The lifelong resident of Rockland County, New York and a mainstay on the area’s Americana folk/country scene has released his first CD, entitled “A Little Bit of Alright.” The CD was produced by another Rockland County musician Joe D’Urso in conjunction with SCR Records.
The release of the CD came less than three years after O’Donohue was revived by doctors after suffering a massive heart attack.
“We were going to call this CD ‘The Flatliner’ because the doctors told me later that I had flatlined for 90 seconds or so,” he joked recently. “On a more serious note, that episode did provide a sense of urgency to do the things I felt were important to me and my four children. Making this CD was one of them.”
O’Donohue, once described as a cross between John Prine and Kris Kristofferson, has attracted rave reviews from several of his collaborators through the years.
The CD features original music and songs written by others, including one by Rex Fowler of Aztec Two Step. “I was honored to have ‘Killing Me’ be a part of Tim’s long overdue debut CD,” Fowler says. “But I was blown away by his original songwriting!”
“Somewhere between folk and bluegrass, in the shade of the Americana landscape, lies singers and songwriters like Kris Kristofferson, John Prine, Slaid Cleaves and other notables in this fantastic melting pot of music. Also now in that mix is the debut CD by Tim O'Donohue. "A Little Bit Of Alright" contains old and new chestnuts from the giving tree of American music and they are sung by Tim O'Donohue, a person who has been to the other side of life and death and who luckily came back to make a great record” - Joe D'Urso
O’Donohue calls the genre juke/country/grass/tonk music.
The songs on the CD are: Happiness; Is Anybody Going to San Antoine; Broke Down; Central Line; Wondering Where The Lions Are; Keeping Score; Are My Thoughts With You; Gold; Killing Me; Where’d You Hide The Body: No Place to Go; Ballad of Lou The Welterweight.

Tyrone Shoelaces

Tyrone Shoelaces Bio:

Tyrone Shoelaces has returned home with their recent record, Shoot the Radio after an extensive summer/fall of shows spanning venues of all sorts, from festivals to intimate acoustic performances.

Shoot the Radio was written, recorded, and mixed entirely in Norwalk, CT. While the band’s reach is far beyond local, they remain humble. The decision to produce their latest record entirely in their hometown was not out of necessity, but to pay tribute to the city that helped them get off of their feet. "A wild and sexy eclectic mix of reggae, funk and groovin’ rhythms that surge one’s soul.

The music at first had an almost funk reggae feel which then suddenly loomed into an explosion of energy with an experimental, trendy, edgy flare with its techno/synthesizer sound that surges excitement and spirit to the listener." –
Annette, Fairfield County Music Reporter

Shoot the Radio’s single, “In the Garden”, has already been featured on various Connecticut radio stations such as 99.1 PLR, 88.7 WNHU, and others, with on-air performances on others scheduled for the release of the full album.

Tyrone Shoelace’s recent single “In the Garden” has garnered attention from the region’s airwaves, just as their live performances have continuously captivated audiences. The band has played notable venues including an opening set for Twiddle at Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT, and headlining shows at The Spot Underground in Providence, RI, Church in Boston, MA, Radio Bean in Burlington, VT, and the Bitter End in NYC, and is currently adding to the list in support of Shoot the Radio.

The End of America is not some grand political statement. It is a band of friends, singers, and travelers. Blending three part harmony with rock and americana, the Philadelphia based trio achieves a style that resonates with fans of Ryan Adams as well as Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young.

Since their inception in 2010, The End of America has recorded and released two EPs and a single, performed at festivals including SXSW, Savannah Stopover, Baltimore Folk Fest, and has performed with the likes of Beck, Anthony Green, Gary Louris of The Jayhawks, and Rocky Votolato.

Brendon Thomas, James Downes, and Trevor Leonard met on tour years prior. All frontmen of previous bands, they formed a trio that would highlight their unique ability to harmonize, and subsequently capture the musical moments they created in the most undressed method possible. Both of their albums Steep Bay and Shakey were recorded live within a few takes: the first in a cabin on battery power, the second in studio to 2-inch tape.
"These three cats blend their voices as effortlessly as Crosby, Stills and Nash. [Steep Bay] is a deeply organic, beautiful album. And the whole thing was written and recorded in 7 days."

Ripple Effect Music Blog

In February 2013, The End of America was invited to perform at Beck's "Song Reader" sheet music album release show in Los Angeles. Beck discovered TEOA by way of a Youtube video performing one of his new songs, and flew them out the following week. The band's performance received applause from Spin Magazine, Filter, and Hollywood Reporter. See TEOA's rendition of "Please Leave a Light On When You Go" by Beck, here.

TEOA has been in the studio most of 2015 recording their debut full length.

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June 25: Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes, Willie Nile Band, Joe D'Urso & Stone Caravan, Joe Grushecky & The Houserockers, Joe Delia & The Thieves, Greg Trooper, Glint, Jesse Terry, Loretta Hagen, Bobby DiBlasio and Joe Simio & The Compromised

June 26th: Jorma Kaukonen, New Riders of The Purple Sage, Professor Louie & The Crowmatix, Gary Douglas Band, McMule, Dead Mile Dance, End of America, Tim O'Donohue & TMU, Compton Maddux & the Dirt Simple Band, Tyrone Shoelaces and Chihoe Hahn

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