Richard Lloyd (of Television), Song Dogs and The Nightjar

Richard Lloyd (of Television)

Richard's official band for this tour includes Billy Ficca of Television on drums and Danny Tamberelli of the band Jounce and actor on Pete and Pete and All That on bass.

Richard Lloyd is best known for his founding role in Television in 1973. They were the first punk band to play CBGB and encouraged Hilly Kristal to book other bands like Blondie, The Ramones, and the Talking Heads. The band went on to record three studio albums: Marque Moon (Elektra, 1977), Adventure (Eleketra, 1978), and Television (Capitol, 1992).

After Television first disbanded in 1978, Richard Lloyd released one album for Elektra Records called Alchemy.During his solo career, as a guitarist and session musician he has worked with various artists in the music industry, including Matthew Sweet, John Doe (of the band X), and Stephan Eicher. In 1990 Lloyd recorded a cover version of the Roky Erikson/13th Floor Elevators song "Fire Engine", which was included on the various artists tribute album Where The Pyramid Meets The Eye.

He is also known to teach other aspiring guitarists in his studio in New York, where he frequently produces other acts. He acted as producer and recording engineer as well as a member of the band Rocket From The Tombs, entitled Rocket Redux, which was released on Smog Veil Records. He has also produced a number of records for other local bands, including The Blondes, Inc., Chris Purdy, Miss Mother USA and Kevin Otto. He recently finished up producing the album Let it Die from Holy Trinity River, a Brooklyn southern-rock influenced band,[3] as well as Skinny Girls Are Trouble (2010), the third album from country-punk songwriter Jim Neversink.[4][5][6] He still owns the famous pinstriped Stratocaster he played with Television.

His other current projects include a reformation of Rocket From The Tombs. He has now released six solo albums. Alchemy in 1979, Field of Fire in 1986 (re released in 2007 with an additional disc of music), his live disc Real Time in 1987 (recorded at CBGB's) and The Cover Doesn't Matter in 2001. The Radiant Monkey was released on Parasol Records in late 2007. The CD features Lloyd playing everything but the drums (manned by session drummer Chris Purdy and on one track Television's own Billy Ficca). 2009 saw his most ambitious album yet: "The Jamie Neverts Story", a tribute to his hero Jimi Hendrix and dedicated to the memory of Velvert Turner, who was Jimi Hendrix's only authenticated protégé and guitar student. It was released on Parasol Records. "Jamie Neverts" was the secret codename that Velvert and Lloyd came up with to prevent all the kids in the neighborhood from trying to come along when they went to see Jimi.

Song Dogs and The Nightjar

Song Dogs formed in Philadelphia in 2009. The musical vision of singer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Southerton has ignited with the dynamic energy and enthusiasm of Sam Conver (bass), Mariama Koroma (percussion), Dan Cooper (kit) and Ryan McCloskey (guitar) . They have come together under a common vision to play a scorching brand of independent rock recognized by fans as genuine and soulful.

Grand Strand

Upon leaving Those Darlins in early 2012, Kelley Anderson quickly started recording demo's for the upcoming project Grand Strand. The band signed on with Riot House Records to release their debut 45 RPM single and will be touring in support of Richard Lloyd during the summer of 2012.

As a member of Those Darlins. Kelley recorded and performed domestically and internationally with the group from 2008-2012. During her tenure with the band, she released two albums (Those Darlins debut and Screws Get Loose) on the bands' imprint label Oh Wow Dang, which licensed the first record for release in Japan, and both releases in Australia.

Kelley is also the founder of Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp. The mission of SGRRC is to support a culture of positive self-esteem and collaboration among girls while building community through music. This summer SGRRC will celebrate its 10 Year Anniversary.

Along with SGRRC, Kelley is also a founder of YEAH-- an organization that provides opportunities for young people to experience and participate in the arts. Kelley founded the organization in 2006 with Anna Fitzgerald and Courtney Sharpe, and currently serves as the organization's Chair of Board of Directors.

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