The Security Project - The timeless music of Peter Gabriel re-invisioned featuring Members of King Crimson, Shriekback and Gabriel’s original band bring these genre-less masterpieces into the 21st Century

The Security Project - The timeless music of Peter Gabriel re-invisioned

The timeless music of PETER GABRIEL has found new life through The Security Project. Featuring former members of Peter Gabriel Band, King Crimson, Shriekback and Sky Cries Mary, The Security Project not only recreates these masterpieces live, but gives them new musical wings for the 21st century. The reviews have been glowing: “Scary Good Show!” raves Progression Magazine after their premiere in New York City. Noted musicians also have given a thumbs up, including Tony Levin, Larry Fast (both from Gabriel’s band) Steve Hackett (Genesis), Jon Anderson (Yes), Gabriel Mixer/Producer Tom Lord-Alge and Gabriel analyst Lilywhite Leigh.

With Gabriel now a double-inductee into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (both with Genesis as well as his solo career) The Security Project specializes in the most adventurous, often un-played, music from his first five solo albums – Car (1), Scratch (2), Melting Face (3), Security
and Plays Live.

Founding member Jerry Marotta says: “Peter was always great at setting the table for us as musicians; he always got us started with great ideas… As we were creating SECURITY we had no idea we were making something so unique… I’m proud that with Security Project we’re able to deliver the deepest of those songs, and do it with real conviction — playing them live.”

The live shows have included such gems as: “The Rhythm of the Heat”, “Intruder”, “On The Air”, “San Jacinto”, “Moribund The Burgermeister”, “Here Comes the Flood”, “No Self Control”, “I Have the Touch”, “The Family & The Fishing Net”, “Wallflower”, along with the occasional classic from “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”.

The Security Project Live Members:

Jerry Marotta: Drums & Percussion, Backing Vocal
-Drummer, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Producer Jerry Marotta has recorded and toured with Peter Gabriel, The Indigo Girls, Hall and Oates, Tears For Fears, Elvis Costello, Paul McCartney, Trey Gunn, Cher, 10,000 Maniacs, David Sylvian, Robert Fripp, Robbie Robertson, Ani DiFranco, Suzanne Vega, Sarah McLachlan, Tony Levin, Todd Rundgren, Los Lobos, and Stevie Nicks, to name only a few. Through his extensive touring experience and performances on hundreds of albums Jerry has worked with many of the greatest artists in the world. His unique musical skills have graced myriad movie soundtracks, video games, TV shows, and percussion software over the past 4 decades.

In addition to all of that, Marotta currently operates both Dreamland Studios in West Hurley, NY, and Jersville Studios in Woodstock, NY. Very recently, he has been recording and touring with Linda Eder and just completed the pilot TV show "Small Miracles" starring Judd Hirsch and Kathryn Kates. He also plays drums with his brother Rick Marotta each year on the season finale of the hit TV show "Survivor."

Trey Gunn: Warr Guitar, Backing Vocal
-A native Texan who resides in Seattle, Gunn is known for the unusual 10-string touch guitar that he plays. From the blistering live recordings at the Royal Albert Hall in London with David Sylvian and Robert Fripp (“Damage”, Virgin Records) to ten years recording and touring with King Crimson – a group many contend as the most aggressively, adventurous rock band of all time – Gunn is associated with a constant stream of cutting edges projects.

In addition to the powerful performances and recordings of his groups TU, KTU, and the multi-mediators Quodia, Gunn has toured and/or recorded with TOOL, John Paul Jones, Maynard J. Keenan’s “Puscifer”, Vernon Reid, Azam Ali, David Hykes of the Harmonic Choir and Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree.

When not on the road, Gunn continues his work scoring for tv/film, runs his own media label (7d Media) and coaches musicians in the creative process.

Brian Cummins: Lead Vocal
-It all began in my hometown of Liverpool when I was a kid listening to Gabriel with my dad. I would ask him over and over again to play the old Genesis and solo Peter recordings. I heard something in this music that touched me like nothing else. At home, my brother and I used to 'air drum' side by side to “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway” and drove the family nuts! A true love affair was born with this music and there was no stopping it.
I began playing live as a guitarist when I was twelve. Always with older guys who stretched me to play 'outside of my depth'. Eventually I started singing and branching out into other areas of music – finally earning a living as musician.
I have, since, toured all over Europe with my group
The Carpet Crawlers and with Mick Pointer's Marillion. Additionally, I specialize in production work for groups looking to get the vintage sounds we all love into their recordings and live shows.
When I was originally approached about The Security Project I thought it was a joke. Play with Jerry Marotta and Trey Gunn? And performing some of my favorite music in the world? Come on! Once it became clear to me this was no joke, I was on the first plane to Woodstock.

Michael Cozzi: Guitars, Backing Vocals
-Originally from Wales & London Cozzi's love of Prog music became cemented when he first saw "Steve Hackett" at Brunel University in the early 80's when he was touring "Spectral Mornings".

Cozzi got his start in the mid 80's as the guitarist for the band Shriekback which had the pleasure of touring with bands such as Simple Minds, INXS, and Peter Gabriel. He would joke with David Rhodes of Gabriel's band that they should swap gigs.

A few albums & several tours later, it lead him to working with the likes of, King Swamp, Shakespear's Sister, Andrew Ridgely, Lulabox and many other projects all over the globe.

Settling in Seattle with his photographer wife Karen Moskowitz in the early 90's, Cozzi Joined the band Sky Cries Mary with whom he co wrote 5 albums and toured extensively.

During this time Cozzi opened up his recording studio Moscozzi Studio where he co-wrote and produced the last two Sky Cries Mary albums "Here and Now" and "Small Town" ( a Lou Reed favorite by the way.) During this time he also wrote and produced music for bands, films, commercials, video games etc which let to him meeting and working with Trey Gunn. Some time later Trey asked Cozzi if he knew of a guitarist for The Security Project, Cozzi put his hand up like a kid in the classroom and said "me me me”.

David Jameson: Keyboards & Eigenharp
-Keyboardist/Eigenharpist David Jameson began his music career in the late 1970's – the heyday of powerful keyboard players. He absorbed the work of ELP, Genesis, Weather Report, Yes, Return to Forever and Camel weaving aspects of all into his own approach. He spent several years touring with Time Machine and then left the music scene for a career at IBM after completing a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.
Jameson's work at IBM began at the T.J. Watson Research Center where he created and managed the Computer Music Research group. His pioneering research was acknowledged by election to the prestigious IBM Academy of Technology. David left IBM to found Digiportal Software and Deskew Technologies that develops the acclaimed Scorecerer sheet music manager application for the iPad. He also designs MaxMSP applications and libraries for live performance and for the Eigenharp – an electronic hybrid instrument akin to a computerized bassoon that features heavily in The Security Project shows.
In addition to working with The Security Project, David also performs with Beyond The Wall. For these lives shows he uses a custom keyboard/Eigenharp system that includes the Korg KronosX 88 and four Roland A800 Pro keyboard controllers, as well as iPads and iPhones running Scorecerer and Lemur all tied together through a LAN with a Macbook Pro running custom software developed with MaxMSP.

$12.00 - $15.00


What’s The Buzz?

"TSP are a mind-blowing amalgam of disparate musical brilliance!”
– Gabriel Researcher/Lilywhite Leigh

"Sound as good -- at times maybe better -- than even Gabriel can nowadays" - Time Out, NYC

"King Crimson's Trey Gunn brilliantly injects a wicked warp to Gabriel's melodic weave."
– G.A.S. Online

"A Scary Good Show!" –  Progression Magazine

"Great to see some of the original members doing it the right way." – Steve Hackett (Genesis)   

What the fans are saying..."Peter Gabriel wrote some of the finest most profound songs of his generation. The Security Project brings them to life with an authenticity that goes beyond mimicking the original recordings. They find the emotional core." - Glenn Hughes

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