Agoraphobic Nosebleed

As with many legendary endeavors, what eventually grew into an inimitable legacy began as a
decision motivated by sheer frustration: On one fateful day in 1994, lamenting the lack of
drummers in the Massachusetts area, Scott Hull and friends formed AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED (ANb) ​with the help of a drum machine. The rest, as they say, is history. In 1998, after releasing a number of split EPs and seven-­inch LPs, ANb ​(now featuring J. Randall of Japanese Torture Comedy Hour, ex-­ISIS) put themselves on the map when they unleashed their Relapse Records debut, Honkey Reduction. Featuring 26 tracks of unbelievably manic grindcore, Honkey Reductionm sizzled flesh and tenderized minds; Hull made guitar strings swarm like pissed off hornets while his torrential drum programming rained down on the listener like AK­47 rounds gutting a pumpkin.

In late 1999, AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED unleashed PCP Torpedo (Hydra Head), a scathing barrage of derangement nicely done up as a six-­inch slab o' wax. The following year, Relapse issued a split release (The
Poacher Diaries) featuring ANb ​facing off against Boston metallic hardcore predecessors
Converge. As writing commenced for the next ANb recording, additional members were deemed
necessary: the band doubled in size, adding grindcore alums Richard Johnson and Carl Schultz.
In 2002, after an almost three-­and-­a-­half-­year wait, ANb ​unveiled their second full­-length,
Frozen Corpse Stuffed with Dope. A surprise live appearance at the 2003 New England Metal
and Hardcore Festival, the first in the band’s history, caught everyone off guard.

ANb ​then set to work on a concept beyond bizarre: with a focused mindset, and a plethora of
mind­-confounding ideas, the band wrote and recorded Altered States of America, a 100-track 3
CD. Released on April Fools Day, 2003, Altered States of America delivered the most ambitious
ANb ​album yet and delivered completely inhuman music with a consummate disregard for its
listener. After several more split releases, both 7” and CD, AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED
updated their lineup with Kat (Salome) replacing Schultz. ANb ​then unleashed the full-­length
Agorapocalypse in 2009 via Relapse Records. The album was even more in­-your-­face and
aggressive than its predecessors, featuring a quantum leap forward in programming and material
in comparison to older material; the album found widespread praise from publications including
Rolling Stone, Alternative Press, and Terrorizer, among others.

Beginning in 2015, AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED ​began venturing further out into the
world of live performance, playing at Maryland Deathfest & Housecore Horror Fest in 2015; the
band has also been confirmed for the first-­ever Netherlands Deathfest in February 2016. ANb ​is
now currently writing and recording a series of four EPs, each written in the preferred style of
each member. After a four­-year break from the studio, the infamous extreme metal instigators
have returned with the first in the series designed to decimate your total being. Led by the
banshee-­like howl of vocalist Kat Katz, ANb have unleashed a crushing, three­-song onslaught of
misanthropic, musical violence. Simply titled Arc, the 25+ minute sludge­fueled feast is ANb
sounding heavier, doomier and more destructive than ever before.


Scott Hull: Guitars, Bass, Machines
J. Randall: Vocals, Electronics
Richard Johnson: Vocals
Kat: Vocals

Pig Destroyer

Virginia extreme sound revolutionaries PIG DESTROYER deliver savage grindcore that is both intentionally confrontational and thoroughly pummeling. PIG DESTROYER formed in 1997, when vocalist J.R. Hayes and Agoraphobic Nosebleed guitarist Scott Hull united in their efforts to create utterly destructive grindcore. As soon as the band, also featuring founding drummer John Evans, began rehearsing, they found that their common musical interests produced intelligent and incendiary compositions. After releasing a self-titled demo, which was met with rousing critical reception, PIG DESTROYER released their first full-length, Explosions in Ward 6. Strongly positive reactions to Explosions in Ward 6 established PIG DESTROYER as one of the best new grind acts to have emerged worldwide in the last decade.

Relapse Records soon signed the band off the strength of Explosions, and in 2001 PIG DESTROYER took listeners on a rampaging journey through an unsettling, psychotic world with their landmark release Prowler In The Yard. Melding an insane musical attack with similarly jarring lyrical prose and an unmatched propensity to incite, Prowler In The Yard hit listeners like a coal-black monolith of nihilism. The record stunned music fans, garnering lavish praise, and became one of the more talked-about extreme music releases in recent history, even breaking into the mainstream metal media despite its brutality. Headlining performances at the 2002 New England Metal and Hardcore Festival and at the 2002 Relapse Records CMJ Showcase, alongside a high-profile set at the Relapse Records Contamination Festival in Philadelphia, cemented PIG DESTROYER's place among the new goliaths of heavy music.

PIG DESTROYER then continued work on the follow-up to Prowler In The Yard. In what would turn out to be an exhausting, lengthy creative process, the band assumed the ambitious goal of creating a multi-media monster (CD / Audio-DVD package) with their next album. Terrifyer was released in the fall of 2004, and embodied a frighteningly compelling mix of seething metal, intense grind, and thrash and punk rock. Terrifyer featured 32 minutes of unrelenting sonic battery in addition to the 37-minute Audio-DVD track "Natasha."

The 2007 release of Phantom Limb, which received acclaim from critics and listeners worldwide, cemented the band's legendary status and showcased the band's versatility with its incursions into sludgier and groovier territory than ever before. Phantom Limb was followed by an extensive US tour that found PIG DESTROYER sharing the stage with Carcass, Suffocation, Misery Index, Genghis Tron, and Car Bomb. In 2009, the band made festival appearances at Hellfest, Maryland Deathfest, CMJ Fest, and Scion Rock Fest, and have since played at numerous other national and international festivals including Hopscotch Fest, Brutal Assault, Damnation Festival, and Phil Anselmo's Housecore Horror Film Fest.

In 2012, PIG DESTROYER partnered with new drummer Adam Jarvis (Misery Index) and released Book Burner, their ruthless follow-up to Phantom Limb. Book Burner showcased a return to a rawer, more primitive sound, and featured 19 songs of the band's signature misanthropic grind. 2013 saw PIG DESTROYER release an EP of previously unreleased content through Bandcamp titled Mass and Volume as part of a charity effort, and also saw Adam Jarvis's cousin John Jarvis join PIG DESTROYER as the band's first bass player.The band have also made impressive inroads into more mainstream media – the one-off single "Octagonal Stairway" was included in Adult Swim's Singles Series, and "The Diplomat" (off of Book Burner) featured prominently in the season three finale of Comedy Central's acclaimed Workaholics. This September, the band are set to reissue a deluxe remixed and remastered 2CD version of their 2001 classic Prowler In The Yard on Relapse, which will include a bounty of previously unreleased music and media. Yet even accounting for the band's more visible successes, what still stands out the most is their fundamental and immaculate musical essence. PIG DESTROYER boil metal down to its muscle, sinew, and bone - razor-sharp guitar, percussive pummeling, throbbing bass, and a lone, stark howl. Though their music is incomparably dark, the future is quite bright for PIG DESTROYER.

Infest is an influential hardcore punk band, formed in September 1986 by Joe Denunzio, Matt Domino, Dave Ring and Chris Clift.

Infest, while not coining the term power violence, were definitely pioneers of it. The Los Angeles quartet blended the ethos, speed and song structure of straight edge hardcore, along with the aggression and anger of bands like Negative Approach and Negative FX creating a style emulated by many and an energy captured by few. Joe Denunzio's vocals exhibited pure angst, with lyrical content about conformity, war, scene politics and socio-political issues, mostly delivered in an accusational assault.

Straight Edge was an influence in Infest's songwriting, with such songs as 'Mindless' and 'Drunk Motherfucker'. Infest did however differ from their peers in their fervent political stance and imagery, often depicting the tragedies of war and poverty, countering the obligatory "band in action" album covers common to the era. When asked about the hardcore scene Matt Domino said, "I think Hardstance rips it up and Chain of Strength are cool, but Insted and Breakaway are pretty cheesy. It seems most hardcore bands are going for a polished sound and package, we are really not into that." On the contrary, Infest's sound was fuzzy and on many of the early recordings indecipherable, but still captured their raw intensity.

On July 1, 1991, Infest recorded a live set for the Los Angeles radio station KXLU, capturing them in their element. This session was later released by Deep Six Records who also released the No Man's Slave LP. The vocals on No Man's Slave where recorded posthumously and the LP not released until the year 2000. Many Infest bootlegs have been made and are highly sought after by fans.

Infest recently has become a highly popular retro band among not only modern grindcore and thrash fans, but with fans of youth crew hardcore due to their straight edge ethics and moshable songs.

NAILS was formed in December 2007, and is comprised of Todd Jones, Taylor Young, John Gianelli, and A.R. Saba. Their music can only be described as being beyond conventional aural brutality. Their unique blend of grindcore, death metal and punk invokes the most unabashed violent emotions, from the recesses of its listeners reptilian brains. Their raw sincerity, take no prisoners live show and D.I.Y. work ethic has earned the band a vast loyal following, and made them the most talked about band in the underground. The legendary Max Cavalera recently accurately declared their current album »Abandon All Life« as "one of the best albums of the last 20 years," and NAILS to be "probably the heaviest band right now." Prepare to be conquered!


Formed in early 2008, Power Trip draw from the sacred texts of classic hardcore, punk, and metal. After the success of their self-titled Lockin' Out 7", Power Trip has unleashed their debut LP MANIFEST DECIMATION, out now via Southern Lord Records.
Surging with a modernized translation of the works of mandatory crossover pioneers Nuclear Assault, the Cro-Mags. Exodus, Leeway, Sepultura, and more, Manifest Decimation hurtle the band's "steel, speed and destruction" ethos direct at the jugular with thirty-five minutes of crossover intensity that sounds like it was excavated from a 1987 time capsule with sixteen tons of radioactive dynamite. Recorded by Arthur Rizk and Daniel Schmuck, and produced, mixed, and mastered by Arthur Rizk at Solomon's Gate in Philadelphia, Manifest Decimation wages war on all in its earshot, with nearly thirty-five minutes of thrashing violence. In the wake of their rabid live shows, images of impending doom and destruction have become synonymous with the name POWER TRIP.

Full of Hell

A seamless mixture of hardcore, noise, and death metal. Not only has the young band proven that they have the musical chops to keep up with older members of the DIY scene through several releases, but their live performances are always memorable and reveal an unparalleled intensity. Ocean City, MD


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