Space Junk performs David Bowie's "Blackstar"

Space Junk

With their unique sound mixing traditional rock structure, and complex developmental jamming, Space Junk evolves house influenced improvised EDM as the force to separate them from your typical solo based Jam band. Every show, Space Junk takes the audience on a unique musical journey – ensuring that no two shows are the same. Their loyal fan base ties this live intelligent dance party together. Space Junk is sure to keep your feet moving, your blood pumping, and your brain in a frenzy. Their shows are like a bad habit, and you are sure to be left wanting more.

Unofficially formed in 2009 while attending college in Fredonia, Space Junk got its name and a new home in Buffalo, NY in 2011. Joining forces with Buffalo's Frosty Tone DJ crew, Space Junk proved that a live band could hold their own with the late night DJs and MCs. Here they established their long form improvisational development, reminiscent of their DJ influences and counterparts in Trance, DnB, and House. Maintaining a presence amongst the DJs and jam bands in the Allentown bar district, Space Junk continued to push the limits of their tension filled peaks. They have shared the stage with acts such as Kung Fu, Dopapod, Jimkata, The Heavy Pets, Conscious Pilot, The Manhattan Project, Big Basha, Roots Collider, Aqueous, Funktional Flow and many more. Over the past years, they have been performing throughout NY, dabbling into PA, and switching members new and old on different instruments. In early 2103 they added bassist Ryan Owczarczak. With this addition, the band has taken their sound to a new level and has opened more doors to improvisation. Six months after Ryan joined, he and Kevin were awarded Best Rhythm Section in a WNY award ceremony in 2013. Space Junk also achieved notoriety within Buffalo's ArtVoice Magazine over the years and being voted by Buffalonians to one of the top electronic/dance acts of 2014.

Close your eyes during one of their jams, and you will see these analog musicians transform into one digital beast. Fueled by heavy delays, face-melting guitar solos, mind bending electro-funk jams, and an ambidextrous drummer/DJ/keyboardist [Yes, their drummer does all three simultaneously] Space Junk is bound to leave you stuck in orbit after seeing them live.


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