Slutist presents Legacy of the Witch II : Wax Idols, Sabbath Assembly, Void Vision, The Reverend Mother Flash, Bunny Buxom, Gretchen Heinel & Luna Duran

You could say that a lot has happened since the release of Wax Idols’ critically well-received 2013 album, Discipline + Desire, and if you’re steeped in the shorthand of music criticism go-to narratives, it would be dangerously easy to get reductive about what happened next: The band’s singer-songwriter, Hether Fortune, supported the album as best she could, spent some time in 2014 as a touring player in White Lung, went through a heartbreaking divorce, and then sat down to make American Tragic – the band’s long-awaited third album and first for Collect Records. But that’s not exactly how it went.

“Divorce is a part of this record, yes, but this is not an entirely sad album,” Fortune explains. “The whole spectrum of grief is represented here — shock, pain, anger, loneliness, and then finding a way to work through all of that and not only survive, but thrive. That’s what I was going through.”

In that sense, American Tragic stands out in the Wax Idols catalog for its profound empathy — elegiac in its approach, but connective by nature. Songs like “Lonely You” and “Goodbye Baby” divide the line between kiss-me and kiss-off, while others, such as “At Any Moment” or “Deborah,” provide deep emotional contrasts between their upbeat musical approach and downright icy lyrical counterparts. To say, then, that this is simply a break-up album is to sell short an idea that Fortune has been playing with over the entire arc of Wax Idols’ discography, and that is the notion that identity is neither fixed nor consistent: We can be independent and attached, in need of discipline and desire, or even fully autonomous with a little bit of help. As Fortune points out here, even America, for all its symbolism and mythic value, also rests in tragedy.

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Sabbath Assembly

Sabbath Assembly formed in 2009 to share the hymns of the Process Church of the Final Judgment. The band currently records original material in an occult vein.

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