Margaret Darling

Kaleidoscopic pop outfit The Seedy Seeds would hardly be the same without accordionist / guitarist / singer and co-founder Margaret Darling, so it’s no surprise that a relatively brand-new side project brings plenty of its own strummed-out hooks and picturesque harmonies, while simultaneously lofting introspective lyrical observations to an entirely new personal realm. Occasional, dynamic and stark instrumentation includes guitar, autoharp, and the instrumental grab bag of various bandmates. Margaret’s solo songcraft shares a similar sketched-out beat to the Seedy Seeds’ dance-pop happenings, but the stripped-down instrumentation of this project shifts attention toward her very worthy songwriting.

David Newbould is an exciting singer/songwriter/performer, and he has many believers who can testify to the passion and earnestness he puts into his work. His music has appeared on 10 Network TV Shows/Films/DVD’s/Movie Trailers to date (CBS’ “Criminal Minds” and “Harper’s Island”, WB’s “Dawson’s Creek” and “7th Heaven”, Paramount’s “Joan of Arcadia”, Fox’s “Party Of Five”, CBS’ “Threshold”, Lifetime’s “Monarch Cove”, Lifetime Movie’s “The Two Mr. Kissels”, and Millennium Films’ “Streets Of Blood” – starring 50 Cent and Val Kilmer). He has performed to acclaim at numerous ASCAP songwriting events, and can count among his fans various executives at Universal Music, Sony Canada, RCA Records, North Star Music Group, and Primary Wave Music Publishing.

For many years he focused his attentions on New York City, performing both solo in clubs and then with a band. He developed a loyal fan base all through relentless performances and word of mouth – no label publicity, no major press, no glitz. Just songs that touched people’s lives and made an indelible mark.

At a certain point, David decided to relocate to Austin, TX. There he appeared on numerous radio and TV shows, had videos in rotation on Austin Music Network/ME Television, recorded his third EP, his first full length CD, and his ambitious live CD/DVD package. He had 10 songs placed through North Star, and developed his most dedicated and thorough following to date. David carved out a niche as not only a melodic and heartfelt songwriter, but also one who performs with great energy and will command a crowd. At every show he converts new people who have never heard or seen him before. He plays a brand of rock and roll that isn’t limited to such genres as Americana, classic rock, or singer-songwriter restraint. It is a brand which celebrates all of rock music’s melodic past, and one which is still familiar to those who love rock and roll, and all the richness and depth it has to offer. His mailing list has ballooned over time, and there is a consistent flow of high quality songs coming out of him, as well as performances – constant performances.

In the spring of 2009, David Newbould relocated to Nashville, TN. He has toured steadily since 2007, and has begun to demand attention as a songwriter worthy of notice. In late 2010, he began work on a new album of his songs with producer Ben Strano. The album features – for the first time in his career – some co-written material, songs written with such folks as Rose Falcon, Adlai Waxman, and Kalisa Ewing. In late 2011, he struck up a professional relationship with veteran manager Fred Kewley (Harry Chapin, Chet Atkins). His new album, Tennessee, was released in April 2013.

David grew up in Toronto, Canada, but has made the US his target audience. His fan base is currently made up largely of groups of loyal supporters, but as he continues to release music and widen his audience, the larger and more universal his appeal will become.

Eddy Marshall Folk Duo

We are Eddy Marshall. A seven piece folk band comprised of musicians who are currently students at Berklee College of Music. The band is led by yours truly, I am a guitarist and a singer from Northern Virginia and I am studying music education. I originally put the band together to play on my debut EP: "Life On Mass Avenue" and we decided that playing together is so much fun that we should take the show out of the studio and on the road.

Our music is inspired by the upbeat chords of Paul Simon, Hillary Reynolds and Robbie Schaefer and our lyrics are written about anything and everything you can imagine. We feature guitar, piano, bass, drums, fiddle and various vocalists in addition to Eddy Marshall that have been known to write their own radio hits from time to time. After a debut show in the new Berklee Caf in Boston Massachusetts, the band took a month to prep for its debut tour ranging from Owls Head, Maine to Charlottesville, Virginia. During the tour we filmed our first music video, set to the soundtrack of "Geneva, Switzerland" with the help of Ben Powell and stayed busy writing more songs and eating more of Katie Henkel's (our piano player) mac and cheese than you can possibly imagine.

The future of Eddy Marshall is certainly bright and we're excited to share that we have a new album coming out in the near future. It will be entirely original songs and feature almost everyone from the original band lineup with a few added members for good measure. Until then you can check out our music by clicking that music link right up there. Watch our live videos by clicking the video link. Or follow us on our various social media sites below.



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