Chilean alternative singer/songwriter Gepe, whose versatile style incorporates aspects of both indie pop and indie electronica, emerged to critical acclaim during the mid-2000s in association with the well-regarded independent label Quemasucabeza. Born Daniel Riveros in 1981 in San Miguel, a commune of Santiago, Chile, he cites influences ranging from legendary Chilean singer/songwriter Victor Jara and sunshine pop icon Brian Wilson to alternative rock touchstones such as Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine as well as contemporary indie pop acts such as Animal Collective and Devendra Banhart. Before adopting the Gepe moniker, Riveros collaborated with bassist Javier Cruz in the short-lived duo Taller Dejao, resulting in the independently released full-length album El Brillo Que Tiene Es Lo Humano Que Le Queda (2004). While he continued to collaborate with others in the Chilean indie pop/rock scene such as Javiera Mena, Riveros embarked on a solo career as Gepe, making his recording debut as such in 2004 with 5x5, an EP released in association with the independent label Jacobino Discos. He subsequently switched to another Chilean independent label, Quemasucabeza, on which he made his full-length album debut in 2005 with Gepinto and was concurrently featured on the label sampler Panorama Neutral. Successive Gepe releases on Quemasucabeza include the follow-up album Hungría (2007) and the EP Las Piedras (2008).


Birthed out of the house show scene in blustery Olympia, WA, Globelamp is the moniker of singer-songwriter, Elizabeth Le Fey. More than a simple, flowery sprite, Globelamp has teeth, and her bite will sting just as easily as it soothes. Her shows contain more punk energy than drunk boys playing punk rock, and are about as unique as a vision of Syd Barrett's imagined manic little sister.
The songs that form her debut EP, "Star Dust," took shape as a lo-fi 8-track cassette recording experiment. Like the magic that surrounds a first kiss, their spark only grows more mythical with each listen. Le Fey embodies folk psychedelia in its rawest form, conjuring images of 60s mysticism, seances and free love. Throughout the recordings her voice is mostly layered and hidden, but once you have the pleasure of seeing her perform live, she proves she has the vocal prowess of one well beyond her youth. An outspoken feminist and activist, Fey has been called many things, by everyone from journalists to anonymous tumblr posters - she's even been called "Yoko" - and it won't take much digging on the internet to find out why. All that aside, Globelamp is a project with a vision, one of unity and passion for a better world.

Star Dust is set to be released on cassette through Gazelle Recordings in June 2014.

Maria Del Pilar

"She sounds like a Latin-influenced Bjork." - LA Record

"María Del one of the most important voices in the Latin alternative music scene in the United States." - CNN Español

"She helps anchor Los Angeles' Latin alternative music scene." - LA Weekly

"No better artist better represents the emerging bridge between Latin music and American music than Chilean-born María Del Pilar [MDP]. She broke new ground with her former band Los Abandoned singing in Spanglish and effortlessly sliding between languages from lyric to lyric. María Del Pilar was our first insight into the emerging cross cultural music scene in LA. Now on a solo tour, MDP gives a nod to Grace Jones as her inspiration." - Mark Sovel

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