Holy Shit

Though lacking in any religious significance, Holy Shit have been divine inspiration for a number of other successful bands: Ariel Pink, Girls and John Maus have all collaborated at some point with founding member Matt Fishbeck. First record, Stranded at Two Habours, made together with Ariel Pink in 2006, is something of a lost classic. Its nostalgic muddied vocals and lofi sound effects are something that has come to define Ariel Pink's later work, while Fishbeck's crooning lullaby pop songs remains distinctly his own.

Since then Fishbeck has continued recording records, in the mean time keeping an evening job as a gondolier on Lake Merritt in Oakland. Perhaps inspired by the success of his friends, Fishbeck has recruited new band members and lined up a number of new releases earlier this year. Although many Holy Shit former band members have since gone on to wider acclaim, Fishbeck seemed destined to linger as cult concern with a devoted internet following. Now that he has returned to touring and working on a record as a band, Fishbeck may hopefully soon be less in the shadow of his previous band members.

Winston Tong

Winston Tong (born 1951 in San Francisco, California) is an actor/playwright, visual artist, puppeteer, and singer/songwriter. He is best known for his vocal work in Tuxedomoon, and for winning an Obie award in puppetry for "Bound Feet" in 1978.

Jack Name

Jack Name's real name is John Webster Adams, but he doesn't care what you call him. The enigmatic L.A. artist has recorded under a lot of names, like Muzz, Fictional Boys, and John Webster Johns. He says that's because he's "sort of anti-identity." "I like the idea of destroying identity... We’re all the same underneath it all anyway." His moniker, then, feels appropriate—"Jack Name" somehow manages to sound even more anonymous than "John Smith." Throughout his album Light Show, his voice shifts pitch and timbre. Sometimes it's high and squeaky, sometimes he goes deep, and sometimes it's completely unintelligible and unrecognizably warped. It's as though he's intentionally making it difficult to pin down one easily definable character behind the music.

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