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Despise You

Powerviolence is an evolution of hardcore punk. The first wave of powerviolence wasn't a movement or a sound so much as it was a tight-knit group of misfit hardcore bands that played shows together a lot. Despise You are, for better or for worse, the band that changed this, giving the genre a definitive sound and aesthetic. While the band were certainly firmly rooted in the sound of powerviolence bands like No Comment and Crossed Out, they also brought influences from the uniquely LA sound of Venice crossover thrash bands like Beowülf, No Mercy and, above all, Suicidal Tendencies. Despise You launched a legion of choloviolence bands, but none ever lived up to the original who broke the mold with their brutal, dual-intergender vocal attack. Now featuring Chris Dodge from Spazz!

Sanitys Dawn


American fastcore band from Philadelphia, PA.


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