The Coathangers

The Coathangers

Tested troublemakers of lechery and sass from Atlanta. This all girl band exudes the politically motivated vulgarity and riot grrrl energy of prior decades, allowing them to fit perfectly in a genre with Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna and Bratmobile's Allison Wolfe. The band imitates the gritty, shrieking vocals of Mika Miko at times but is fluidly able to switch to cute, '50s-era pop in 'for their "quieter" songs. The Coathangers are barely comparable to any modern groups - they could have much more easily performed on stage with Delta 5, The Slits, and The Raincoats than today's underground artists, and it is easy to imagine their name and photograph plastered within the pages of 90's zines, exuding radical change and DIY cassette tapes.



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