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Quiet Company

Quiet Company, led by Taylor Glen Muse, is one man's vision brought to life with a little help from his friends. Hailing from Austin, Texas, Taylor Muse already has years of experience under his young belt, having fronted and played in many bands, including an early version of Eisley. After the break-up of his last band, The Connotations, Taylor hoped to complete an album of collected contributions from his extensive cast of musician friends. Instead, he played nearly everything himself, and ended up with a very personal and visionary endeavor entitled "Shine Honesty." By the end of it all, you may be uncomfortably aware of exactly who he loves, who he hates, and how he feels about them all.

After the release of their critically acclaimed first record, "Shine Honesty," Austin's Quiet Company took to the road for over 200 shows all across the U.S. The video for "Fashionabel," by Emmy nominated director Cameron McCasland, won several film festival awards and was added to rotation by MTV.CA. During that time songwriter Taylor Muse began recording demos that would later become "Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon."

Soon after the tour the band sought and achieved release from their agreement with Northern Records and began making plans to release their new record by themselves. Now, almost three years in the making, the proudly present to you, "Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon". Lyrically, the record promises songs that will make you fall in love with life and then just as quickly challenge everything you know about it. With 15 songs equaling an hour of music, Quiet Company tells tales of love, death, and frustration with the world we're forced to live in. Though always uplifting, the songs range form the raucously energetic to the beautifully intimate and never go without melodies that are immediately haunting and infectious.

Burning Hotels

“A maelstrom of cymbals and aggressive, feverish guitars, Novels sets a hectic pace from the get-go. A chaotic feeling pervades the 37 minutes and 11 songs, but an underlying mathematical genius rules. Every note complements every other.” ~ Fort Worth Weekly

“Never discount confidence as a crucial ingredient for success. Burning Hotels, a Fort Worth foursome that quickly rose to regional prominence, has an infectious swagger, evident on track after track of the band’s excellent full-length debut, Novels. … air-tight and unafraid of evoking sounds straddling the line between fresh and familiar. Cuts like Austin’s Birthday, The River or Silhouette all but force you to hit repeat. In concert, the band takes its razor-edged, emotionally rich catalog and attacks it with a ferocity befitting its post-punk roots.” ~ Star Telegram

“North Texas talent makes sound waves at SXSW. Burning Hotels certainly made a mark — they stopped just short of pulverizing the upstairs venue where they played. Angular, stylish and steeped in the punchy sounds of the ’80s, the Hotels are, well, on fire.” ~ DFW.com

“Burning Hotels live on the edge of their lightning quick indie songs” ~ Fort Worth Weekly

“Fort Worth’s Burning Hotels remind me of something, but I just can’t put a finger on it. Which is a good thing; this crew hides their influences well enough to avoid the derivative tag, but you can still feel enough familiarity to stay in the groove.” ~ Dallas Observer

“80′s New Wave meets today’s catchy, hook-driven indie rock. Burning Hotels have an appreciation for the past, and the goods to stay relevant in the future.” ~ KDGE

“Most bands would theoretically give these songs a more straightforward four-on-the-floor, but Morgan and Mooty’s slight resistance to convention give the Burning Hotels a vitality too many other bands only hope for.” ~ Made Loud

“The Burning Hotels’ sound is a furious rendering of Strokes-like rhythm and clean, sharp vocals attuned to the likes of Kaiser Chiefs or Franz Ferdinand. Their lightening-fast tempos are only softened by bridge breaks, eerily quiet harmonies amidst a sonic hurricane. Their moody and ultra-cool demeanor on stage is in part what made them stand out.” ~ Envy Magazine

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