Kabbalah, Frank Photon


"KABBALAH is a band from Marseille that has revisited klezmer music by reaching into the different origins and musical influences of the quintet. The result is a unique groove: songs in Yiddish, English, German, or Russian where rock, jazz, pop, hip hop, gypsy, Slavic and oriental music collide and create an amazing new sound.
5 musicians for 15 instruments!
After their first album, Shlomo, the second one, Boxes, Bagels and Elephants, is a success in the eyes of the public and the press.
Their music is also very appreciated by the klezmer community: they've played with David Krakauer and with So Called in France.
We therefore have a few songs for you to listen to and to get familiar with their musical style which is a "mystical, unlikely, Dadaist mess".
This popular and festive music from far away countries is quite original and Kabbalah is always thrilled to have different people discover this new sound. "

$6 presale / $8 at the door


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