Honky Tonk Hacienda ft. Olin & The Moon, Jaime Wyatt, Amelia White w/ Sergio Web (Album Release)

Olin & The Moon

Olin and The Moon is a band of brothers; some by blood, some by choice. Singer David LaBrel and guitarist Travis LaBrel fondly recall their childhood in the great northern state of Montana, a fondness that comes through in the nostalgia and heart that drives Olin and The Moon. Marshall Vore (drummer) and Brian McGuiness (pedal steel) both also hail from the American north, by way of Sun Valley, Idaho. It was there that these four found each other and discovered their sound was something special and genuine.

After making their way to Hollywood, CA and teaming up with bassist Kyle Vicioso, Olin and The Moon found themselves surrounded by a buzz; some hailing them the LA Americana rock darlings. With a booming fan base and an onscreen appearance on the CW show One Tree Hill, Olin and The Moon had hit their stride.

In the midst of touring and sharing stages with the likes of Lucero, HAIM, Jason Isbell, Local Natives, Dawes, and Edward Sharpe, Olin and The Moon somehow found the time to release album after album, including "Terrible Town," "Footsteps," and "Destroyer."

"Every One You Know" is the first album from Olin and The Moon since 2012. It is an album that tells the tale of growing up: learning from every mistake, every heartache, every friend. It is the tale of a band of brothers and everyone they know.

"Ever since Olin & the Moon planted themselves in Los Angeles after taking root in Idaho, the quintet has made some of the most earnest, finely crafted Americana in these (and many other) parts. They've become scene staples, and often-overlooked ones at that, but their new album "Every One You Know," [self-released in April 2015], could earn them the greater notoriety they've long deserved. The album, their first release since 2012's "Destroyer," has all the elements that have made Olin & the Moon's five previous releases shine: David LaBrel's winsome tenor, brother Travis LaBrel's tasty guitar, Brian McGinnis' touches of pedal steel and banjo and the rootsy backbone of bassist Kyle Vicioso and drummer Marshall Vore. Olin & the Moon have never tried to reinvent the wheel; with songs like the new, nostalgia-drenched new single "Every Summer," which feels like an instant classic, they've never felt the need to. Their adherence to tradition makes them an anomaly in L.A., where the sensory bumrush of newer/faster/younger tends to cloud the mind. And where, contrary to legend, "It never gets dark enough to dream," as LaBrel sings in "Angel City." - Kevin Bronson, BuzzBands.LA

Jaime Wyatt

Jaime Wyatt is a striking figure that walks the earth with an old soul. Her voice is a voice, both rich and clear, which draws pope in. Comparisons are frequently drawn to Neko Case, Stevie Nicks and at times she has been anointed a female Tom Petty. However, Nancy Wilson of Heart professed loving Wyatt's "punk rock attitude." Wyatt is a dynamic performer, dually noted as a powerhouse singer and stellar guitar player. She sails between vintage 60s and 70s country, rock / soul anthems, and heartfelt ballads of love and confusion.

Wyatt is a prolific songwriter and musician. She released an EP with the group American Bloomers, and co-wrote a full-length album with the female Americana trio Calico The Band. In March 2015, Wyatt self-released an album recorded in her Los Angeles home with producer Mark Howard (Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Lucinda Williams). Howard offers, "The one thing that struck me about Jaime was that she comes from the same place where Emmylou Harris and Lucinda Williams come from. She has that same soul in her voice and her writing is up to that same greatness."

"From Outer Space, the latest album from Jaime Wyatt, is chock full of rootsy music coated lightly with a layer of pop, covered with crafty lyrics infused with a jolt of Outlaw / Punk attitude. Wyatt has a distinct flair for songwriting and a devil-may-care style." - Phillycheeze's Rock and Blues

Amelia White with Sergio Web

Raised In Virginia, and based in Nashville, Amelia White cut her musical teeth in the New England area, in the same scene that produced Mary Gauthier, Lori McKenna, and Aimee Mann. Her music has been described as hard rocking -folkin -alt-art country… Her Albums BLUE SOUVENIRS and BLACK DOVES (funzalo Records 2006) put her on the map with critical acclaims nationwide, steady non-com radio play, appearances on E-Town and NPR’s All Songs Considered and various TV placements. ... the most current being a spot on FX JUSTIFIED ...an episode which features Dave Alvin.....Amelia's latest album release, OLD POSTCARD ( Produced by Mike Poole) is available now at http://www.ameliawhite.com/
"The songs come out of me hard and heavy-- regularly. They walk the line between Neo Folk, raw well made rock, and rootsy pop. They have a lot of heart, and a good dose of intellect, and every few songs have a political and social consciousness....sometimes you have to listen twice to get em, though some can easily grab hold of you like an old hank williams. Some call them Indie Country, some Americana, Some Folk Rock. To me they are the stories of my life and love and what I see in my friends eyes, strangers stories. they are miniature 3-3and1/2 minute films. Writing to music comes to me like breathing and or eating, and its as pleasurable upon completion as great sex."

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