Jordan DePaul

Originally from a small suburb outside of Youngstown, OH, Americana singer-songwriter Jordan DePaul moved to Nashville, TN in January of 2013 and has quickly made his presence known. Filling staple venues like The Basement, Exit/In, and Mercy Lounge, DePaul's lyrical honesty and longing-like passion in his voice allow listeners to quickly connect and relate to his music.

DePaul was the front man of a band in Ohio from the ages of 16-19, but did not realize he wanted to be a songwriter until the passing of his father, which lead to him locking himself in his room for months. After snapping out of a deep hurt you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy, DePaul stepped outside his bedroom door with around 30 songs he had written, and previously quitting the band left him with no alternate outlet to debut the songs. So, after graduating college in 2012, DePaul immediately moved to Nashville, where he is now about to record his sophomore EP that contains more what he says is "desperation" than his first EP, "Troubles I Had," which you can find on iTunes and Spotify.

Although DePaul is only about to record his 2nd solo EP, the 25 year-old Ohio native's soul holds the rest of his songs. When an audience shows up to a Jordan DePaul show, they can almost guarantee there are one or two songs they have not heard before. "I wish I could record them all, they're all dying to get out there," says DePaul. DePaul is a poem; he is not afraid to feel, and he is not afraid that someone may read him and discover exactly what he is feeling. It's the vulnerability in his music that keeps listeners connected and coming back for more.

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