When I hear someone say "newgrass" I'm usually thinking it's got something to do with a dealer getting a new connection or a dumb thing about resurfacing an outfield, but for the kids in Old Man Markley it's more of a way of life. Wait, what? Nine punks playing together since 2007 with a penchant for old timey porch type shit and red white and blue acoustic guitars? Violins? Girls in the band? A fucking homemade washtub bass??? What is Fat Wreck Chords thinking putting out this 7", entitled For Better, For Worse, due out on October 12th. Have they gone crazy or are these California kids really that good?

Well, part of it may have to do with the fact that the music industry is going out of business, but most of it has to do with the fact that Old Man Markley sounds like what would happen if Mike Ness woke up drunk in a bed with the guys in Old Crow Medicine Show and decided to just make a record rather than do the walk of shame, and let's face it people: that's just awesome, and if you don't think so you truly have no soul. You could wimp out and just say they're the Dropkicks of bluegrass, but that would be reductive and crappy, so let's instead get down to business:

Old Man Markley comes from the San Fernando Valley, just like all your favorite internet downloads. And they've also got nine people in them, just like all your favorite internet downloads. BUT they're also gonna tour with NOFX and Bouncing Souls in early '11 in order to ring in their first full length on Fat Wreck, and none of the girls from Dong Garglers #12 can say that, can they? Of course not.

Listen, these guys and gals played their first show as recently as 2008 but with a pedigree that includes former and current members of Youth Brigade, Angel City Outcasts and Blue Collar Special, you know you're dealing with a pretty wild strain of Bluegrass. Hell, there's a husband/wife team up in here and even a guy who's last name is Balls! So strap on your dicks and/or vaginas and get ready for southern California's bluegrass scene. If they can make people dance on the bar to down home bluegrass music in a Hollywood fantasy world awash in strawberry cocaine and anal bleaching, then they're sure to put a smile on your un-botoxed face. And listen, they're good looking, polite and they'll make your mom say shit like "who was that nice boy that played the washboard in that one band that sang that song that your dad and I liked about driving long distances with the cops chasing you?" and you'll have to say something like, "You know what mom, I like Neil Diamond, you like Old Man Markley. Let's call it even and never talk about this again, 'kay?"


Punk rock used to be about haggard road warriors. Before all the breakdowns and flat irons, there were busted transmissions and collect calls home. The Flatliners grew up believing in the later and rejecting the former, and after seven years playing together, they’re unleashing Cavalcade, their third full-length record and an epic sonic testament to the life they’ve chosen.

Over the last four years, the Flatliners have spent almost thirty months in vans, dive bars, and concert halls across North America, Europe, and Japan, building up a dedicated following with a sound that mixes the endless fury of ‘90s skate punk with the nuanced, intelligent songwriting of classic post-punks like the Replacements and Hot Water Music. After releasing the ska-punk tinged Destroy to Create (Union Label Group) in 2005, the band evolved into a harsh melodic machine with 2007’s The Great Awake (Fat Wreck Chords), completing their transition into a vital modern punk unit with the Cynics 7” (Fat Wreck Chords) in late 2009.

For Cavalcade, the Flatliners once again teamed up with long-time producer and friend Steve Rizun, recording sporadically between tours in their hometown of Toronto over the course of 2009. Seeking to immortalize the last year of their lives on the road, the end result is easily the band’s finest hour; from the thrashy immediacy of “The Calming Collection” to the dub-influenced “He Was A Jazzman”, it’s the sound of a band hitting their stride musically and finding their voice lyrically, exploring the idea of unity through disconnectedness, of positivity in uncertain times. Driving home the theme are the numerous guest appearances on the record: members of Cancer Bats, A Wilhelm Scream, Dillinger Four, The Snips, Junior Battles, Permanent Bastards, and the Expos all contributed to Cavalcade. Add to that the presence of veteran punk Fat Mike, who flew up to jam with the band in November of 2009, earning an additional production credit and making one of the band’s childhood dreams come true.

They’ve grown up on record and in front of a crowd of like-minded punks. They’ve made sacrifices to keep the wheels of their van on the road, and Cavalcade is the reward. It really is, as the band says, “a call to arms to all who travel throughout the world on the wings of their creativity.”


Heartsounds came into being after the demise of Light This City, when Ben Murray and Laura Nichol decided to pursue their passion for punk rock by writing and recording a full length record consisting of 12 fast and melodic tracks, jams!


The Shivereens play a satisfying mix of gospel, soul, country and rockabilly, filtered through the sensibilities of pulp fiction murder mysteries and film noir. The catchy melodies and sweet harmonies can't conceal the darkness underneath: tales of infidelity, crime and murder.

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