Georgia Blood and Southern Love: Lost in the Stacks Live!

Georgia Blood and Southern Love: Lost in the Stacks Live!

Lost in the Stacks is the one-and-only research-library rock’n’roll radio show. Every Friday at noon, Ameet, Charlie, Fred, and Wendy from the Georgia Tech Library pick a theme and free-associate an hour of music, interviews, and library talk on WREK Atlanta.

After six years on the air, Lost in the Stacks is live on stage for the first time. The theme is “Georgia Blood and Southern Love,” the music is live, and the bar is open.

Join the LITS crew, their special guests, and Atlanta’s own Chickens and Pigs for an evening of book talk and southern rock, brought to you by the AJC-Decatur Book Festival.

Brian Panowich


With “prose as punchy as rapid-aged whiskey”
and praise from Wiley Cash, James Ellroy, Tom Franklin, John Connolly, C. J. Box, Ace Atkins and Reed Farrel Coleman, Brian Panowich’s debut novel chronicles succeeding generations of a Southern crime family. As the Burroughs clan’s dark history unfolds,
Panowich masterfully blends elements of backwoods noir with the great tradition of the brooding Southern family saga, all tinged with violent retribution. This first novel also serves as a springboard into future books about the downtrodden and often redemptive
world of the cast of characters that reside in the fictional foothills of McFalls County, Georgia.
A military brat, Brian Panowich grew up constantly on the
move and saw such varied locations as Germany, Rome, East Berlin (before the wall came down), and the Swiss Alps. He was a touring musician for twelve years before settling in East Georgia with his family. He now works fulltime as a firefighter.

Hollis Gillespie


Hollis Gillespie is a comedian, an award-winning
humor writer, novelist, travel columnist, NPR commentator, travel expert for NBC’s
Today Show,
and guest on the Tonight Show
with Jay Leno (“A very funny lady,” says Leno).
She began her career in 1988 as a copy editor
for San Diego Magazine,
then wrote for the Financial Section of the city’s daily newspaper, the San Diego Tribune
(now the Union/Tribune).
In 1989 she moved to Atlanta and wrote feature and investigative pieces for Creative Loafing,
then the fourth largest alternative publication in the nation. Her celebrated humor column, “Mood Swing,” first appeared in
Poets, Artists & Madmen
in 1996 and moved to Creative Loafing
in 2000, where she was voted the city’s “best columnist” six out of the next eight years.
Atlanta magazine
picked up the column in 2007, where it appeared until October, 2014.

Kirkus Reviews
lauded Gillespie’s “impeccable comic timing” for her first novel, titled Unaccompanied Minor
(“A laugh-out-loud thriller about family court, money laundering and skyjacking”). For the same novel,
heralded Gillespie as “a fantastic narrator: smart, funny, angry, and gifted in sarcasm.” Her fifth, titled
We Will Be Crashing Shortly,
was released in 2015.

Gillespie founded the
Shocking Real Life Writing Academy
in 2007. Since then it has grown into the largest independent writing school in the Southeast.

Dr. Monica C. Miller

Georgia Tech professor

Dr. Miller is the Assistant Director of the
Writing and Communication Program
and a Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow
at the
Georgia Institute of Technology.
Her work focuses on the relationship between gender and region in American literature. After participating in the 2014 NEH Summer Seminar “Reconsidering Flannery O’Connor” , she has focused increasingly on O’Connor’s work in her scholarship and wrote Lost
in the Stacks favorite “‘No man with a good car needs to be justified’: Preaching Rock and Roll Salvation from O’Connor’s
Wise Blood
to Ministry’s ‘Jesus Built My Hotrod.’”

Chickens and Pigs

a rockin’ stompin’ blues band

Chickens and Pigs play hard. They bleed on their guitars,
sear their shoulders with strap burns and generally rock out like epileptics in a trailer park during tornado season. Women of both high and low morals have been known to frequent taverns where Chickens and Pigs ply their trade.
Chickens and Pigs is a rotating cast of players, loosely
arranged around singer-songwriter Jeff Evans. “Buncha different type of folks,” Evans notes, “but they all seem to like playing my tunes and they don’t seem to mind an occasional beer kicked on their shoes.”
Evans was named Creative Loafing’s Critic’s Pick best local
folk act in 2008, and won the Southern Superstar Blues Songwriting Competition sponsored by Stone Ward of Little Rock, AK in 2009.

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