Honey Combs and Combo Slice

Caitlin (Honey Combs) and Courtney Combs (Combo Slice) is a Cincinnati-based acoustic sister duo that pushes the conventional boundaries of the stage.
They've been featured musicians at Best of Cincinnati (2017), The Woolfest (2016), music for "Reservoir Dames" (an all-female theatrical production of Reservoir Dogs (2016)), and regularly play at bars/coffee houses in Cincinnati and northern Kentucky.
Honey Combs and Combo Slice are currently working on a joint record that will be released by 2018.
Honey Combs and Combo Slice's music has been featured in Citybeat Magazine (2017) and the Cincinnati Enquire (2016).

A Cincinnati native, Connor Clark, was raised where music was almost a religion and was involved in all aspects of its practices. At the mere age of seven, Connor’s father taught him to play the guitar which ignited the flames for his love of music. Being brought up with all genres of music including rock, country, folk, bluegrass, and even gospel, each style influenced who he is as a musician today. Of these styles, blues was one of the most influential style and drove his love of music from just playing to singing vocals as well. As he matured as a musician, Connor has now become a singer/songwriter and is making music a way of life.



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