Drive-In Romeos

Drive-In Romeos is a Rockin’ Rhythm & Blues band from the West Coast of California. You will find, Drive-In Romeos are always dressed to impress and bring you a Rockin’ Rhythm & Style Show to every event played. The sound is influenced by 1940s through early ‘60s artists such as Wynonie Harris, Jackie Wilson and Ritchie Valens just to name a few. Although the sound is influenced from early Rockin’ R&B, Drive-In Romeos music has been enjoyed by a wide range of audiences from young to the very old. The band features Don Gonzales Jr. up front on Guitar & Lead Vocals, Mark Garza on Upright Bass, Mike Gonzales on Drums and Ray Williams on Saxophone. Drive-In Romeos are always known to pack the house at every event played with what is commonly said to be “A great crowd of people”.

The Tipsy Gypsies

From inspirations of love and love Lost comes one of the most enjoyable groups out of the central coast of California, The Tipsy Gypsies, featuring the lovely Hillary Langdon on vocals, Guitarist Forrestt Williams, Drummer Daryl Vandruff, Violinist Allan Dick, and Double Bassist Brian Lanzone. These are the best musicians the area has to offer, but the chemistry the Tipsy Gypsies has during their packed live performances is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Tipsy Gypsies play a style of music that is rooted in Gypsy Jazz, like Django Reinhardt, and inspired by Billie Holiday, but updated with modern influences like the vocal stylings of Feist and Portishead. Their music could be described as a cross between Gypsy Jazz and Pop Music. They have created a style that is both classic and unique all at once.

The group began playing together for fun, but soon realized that they had something real to offer the world. They recorded their first demo, 'Sunday Afternoon', in the fall of 2008, and found themselves selling out of CDs at every show. They quickly developed a following on the Central Coast of California, San Luis Obispo area, and played to packed houses of mixed crowds. It soon became apparent that their music was appealing to all types of people, young and old, punks and swing dancers, college kids and adults. Everyone seems to enjoy the Tipsy Gypsies.

Their latest CD, 'Little Victories,' is a Kickstarter-funded project that was released on July 19th, 2013. It is the culmination of a yearlong recording process and contains some wonderful songwriting and top-notch performances. It is more modern than their last disc, although there are still a few straight gypsy jazz songs on it. For instance, there is some hollow-body electric guitar played through an old ’50s tube amp in place of acoustic guitar, and their style has matured significantly. 'Little Victories' maintains a gypsy edge the entire time but also draws from soulful and bluesy influences, as well as early rock and roll.

'Little Victories' and the Tipsy Gypsies first album, 'Lipstick Holdup,' are available at their website, They can also be purchased on Amazon and iTunes.

Inga Swearingen


With her new release, First Rain, Inga Swearingen ventures into new territory while staking a claim in what she knows best: music and song rooted in family, nature, love and human spirit. First Rain is a compelling mix of home grown folk, and soulful, bluesy jazz, with acoustic layers of guitar, standup bass, violin and cello that frame Inga’s clear, translucent voice. Whether putting her personal stamp on a jazz standard or combining the understated grooves of bossa nova with Swedish folk melodies, Inga captivates her audience with her gift of joyful melodic invention.

“Inga has a gorgeous voice, very fresh and evocative and note‐perfect, and that’s the sort of person you want to sing harmony to”‐ Garrison Keillor, A Prairie Home Companion

Gypsy All-Stars

Gipsy Jazz
Band Members
The Guitarists: Toan Chau, Forrest Williams, Ben Arthur, Patrick Pearson, & Samuel Boorman.
The Upright Bass Players: ... See More
San Luis Obispo, CA

Short Description
We are a Central Coast based band of jazz musicians that play the music of Django Reinhardt, the famous Belgian-born French guitarists and composer.
Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli, Bireli Lagrene, Angelo Debarre, Tchavolo Schmitt, Stephane Wremble, David Grisman, & Fapy Lafertin.
Band Interests
We are devoted to preserving and cultivating the Gipsy Jazz style everywhere and anywhere we play, especially here on the Central Coast of California. We have successfully collaborated with the local "Swing Dancers" with our live performances and thus making it even more special for everyone.
We are for HIRE for any occasion: weddings, private parties, special events, restaurants, & clubs.
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$10.00 - $12.00


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