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Joe Van Asco is an up and coming singer-songwriter. He was raised in Springs East Hampton, and currently studies Music and Education at Brooklyn College. The combination of Joe’s thoughtful lyrics, memorable melodies, alluring voice and charismatic personality have brought much praise from every soul that has had the pleasure to hear him perform. Joe is a Story Teller, and a great Narrator; so much so, that you might find that you are imagining the song he is singing is about your life!

Kaleigh Young is a young indie/folksy/pop singer and songwriter hailing from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Having lived in New York City for two years now, Kaleigh has been lucky enough to perform at venues such as The Hit Factory, The Delancey, and Ella Lounge, and is beginning the recording process of her first EP. With lyrics pulled from the deepest little piece of her heart and soft-spoken piano harmonies to match, Kaleigh is ready to reveal her songs and secrets to the world.

Melody Noel is a 20 year old singer/songwriter born and raised in Southern California. She began her music career singing with her father's Mariachi "Sol De Mexico", and eventually grew to love the craft of songwriting. She currently attends NYU's Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music . Melody's influences include Carole King, Linda Rondstadt, Ingrid Michaelson, Brian Wilson and Regina Spektor.

I have been calling myself an artist ever since I began to write and produce my own music at 14. I learned how to play the piano, viola, and cello at a very young age, I picked up how to play a drum set in high school, sang in various choirs, danced, performed in musicals and theatre productions, and even taught myself how to play guitar. Despite having a widespread love for music, I have always thought of myself as a singer before everything else.
On my 14th birthday, my parents bought me a Mac laptop and a 49-key MIDI keyboard to start recording and producing my own music. I loved the feeling I got from transforming a song I heard in my head into a tangible work of art that I could easily share with anyone. I was so excited about my newfound passion that I decided it was time to graduate on to live performing. I started by calling up a trusty guitarist friend to play jazz and contemporary music with. We rehearsed weekly until I began booking our own shows around the Chicago-land area. One gig led to another until we had multiple shows a week! I knew for certain that performing and recording was something I wanted to make a career out of.
At 18, I moved to New York to study Recorded Music at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music and have since gotten a full band together to perform with: Katlyn Swanson & The Return. We play at venues like The Bitter End, The Delancey Bar, The National Underground, Ella Lounge, The Iridium Jazz Club, Slane Public House, Bowery Poetry Club, The Living Room, The Hit Factory, and Rockwood Music Hall. Upon graduating, I plan to stay in New York City to focus on promoting myself as a recording artist in addition to working as a booking agent for TurnStyle Music Group. I’m now writing music for my up-coming EP, “Under Cover,” to be released in 2014.

Born November 3rd, 1993, Kid Karma represents the voice of the youth. He is currently working on his third independent mixtape. He has performed at legendary New Haven CT venue 'Toads Place', Simons Rock at Bard College, and other local school and venues. Ever since he can remember, he has been in love with hip-hop. As a young boy you would often find him with his headphones on bumping anyone from the Notorious B.I.G, to Busta Rhymes, to Eminem. As a child he excelled in writing, reading, and the English language. He especially loved storys with deep plots, and above all else, poetry. Now 17 years old, Karma has been writing hip-hop lyrics for over 7 years and has worked with many different artists and producers. Whether rapping about his future ambitions, to his struggles with faith you can gaurentee that he will bring you a track packed with complex lyrics, and intricate flow. In may of 2009, he released his first ever mixtape titled "Against All Odds". As he calls it, the CD was the "Epitome" of his soul. And is based on his struggles with his academics, drugs, and society itself. In 2010 he dropped his second official mixtape "Breaking The Silence". .. "It's true that it really is a shame when good people are silent. Growing up i never believed it when people told me that "Everyone can make a difference", but im slowly starting to see that small actions are the building blocks of larger ones. And without the small actions there would be no big ones at all. I believe in peace and love, and although i might not show it on the outside, these are the principles which drive my actions. Love cannot be expressed in words, and therefor should be displayed through actions. Stop talking about making a difference and make a difference through your actions. I stand up for what i believe in, and although you might not believe it, i would be willing to die for it too." - Karma

Smax Music, a citizen of the earth, whose passion to express meaningful thoughts in smooth melodies stems from his love of music and life's inspirations. He lives by the motto "Enjoy life." He defines the music he plays as an eclectic mix of Caribbean Rock/Groove and Acoustic Soul. His mission is to have a worldwide, positive impact on the lives of people through music and creative expression.

Smax Music is currently recording his debut album entitled "Enjoy Life." His single "I Love My Wife" is to be released in 2013.

Smax Music together with his beautiful wife and creative artist, MelimeL, formed MELySMAX LLC, a company dedicated to the advancement of performing and visual arts. MELySMAX LLC is the co-producer of SOUL BLISS EVENTS, an event aimed at creating an entertaining atmosphere for the audience while providing an outlet for artists to connect with the masses.

tRa$h eXeCUTIoner

Rising like a funk from the manholes and storm drains of Dirty City is New York’s most dangerous and contagious band. TrA$h eXECUtioneR features surviving members of the century's vital groups, including Bipolar J, Spastik Soul Corp., and The P.L.A.G.U.E.S. Bassist Nitrous RoXide and guitarist theRAPist spew harmonies that are equally beautiful and haunting. The foul brew of Sabbath, rap, sk8 punk, world, southern rock, Spanish, metal/prog, country, and blues has intoxicated music lovers at Maxwell's, Boca Grande, Lamp Post, Cake Shop, National Underground, Otto's Shrunken Head, Trash Bar and The Charleston.



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