Derrick & The Black Sea (Solo), The Old Fashions

Derrick & The Black Sea (Solo)

Derrick and The Black Sea is the result of two hard rock musicians, looking for a musical change, coming together at the right time in their lives. After touring with Death in the Park, Derrick Karg took time away from the scene to reflect and write, and found himself working on boats in Maine, as a deckhand. Being isolated in a small town in the winter of 2009 was just what he needed to clear his mind and get started in a new musical direction. At the same time , Richard Ruggiero, having played in the NYC new wave band Group Sounds, and after touring with The Fever, was also ready for something new, so the by the time the two met, the scene was perfectly set. After playing together for several months, as two guitars and a voice, they were introduced to James Yu, whose violin perfectly filled the sound, and their songs of loss and the fragility of hope took shape.

The Old Fashions

In December of 2011, two childhood best friends from Texas met a native New Yorker from Westchester County. The three formed The Old Fashions. The Brooklyn trio makes soulful roots rock that appeals to whiskey-sipping Texan types, pickle-making Brooklynites, and any one who loves a seamless blend of country, pop, and rock.

Julius and Byron, who have played in bands together since the late 90's, were raised on a classic southern fare: Their earliest concert memories taking place at the Houston Rodeo, seeing Alabama, the Oak Ridge Boys and George Straight. After convincing their parents that it really was a good deal, heaps of CDs from the BMG Music Club arrived to help round out the early influences, with classics from The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Led Zeppelin.

Back east, Amanda Chessa grew up listening to Tom Petty, The Band and Roy Orbison eight-tracks and went on to study music at Berklee College. Her acoustic guitar work and dynamic vocal range recall the twangs of Neko Case and Gillian Welch with a touch of the Iron Butterfly, herself, Dolly Parton, thrown in.

All three moved to New York in the early '00s, settling in Williamsburg at the height of the neighborhood's rock 'n roll renaissance. Having released a couple of singles in March of 2012, the trio have just finished an EP due out in early August. They're joined in the studio by Catherine Popper (Ryan Adams, Grace Potter) on bass, Patrick Firth on piano, and Chris Masterson (Son Volt, Steve Earle) on lead guitar.

River Wild

Young Unknowns

Brooklyn four-piece Young Unknowns weave driving 90's flecked indie rock with luscious production, crowned with guitarist/vocalist Meredith Meyer's sensual yet wary musings on the complications of love and the human condition. The band's debut EP You Are A Young Unknown was produced by indie rock veteran Bill Racine (Rogue Wave, Mates of State). Young Unknowns' latest new single "I Want to Lose" is off of their upcoming new EP due in late 2013.



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