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LIVE MUSIC LIVES in San Luis Obispo! Have you heard the great news about our awesome lineup of shows at Fremont Theatre with Numbskull Productions in January? We've got three local showcases that are not to miss and to make it even better, we are now offering a 3 day pass to these shows for only $20! Hit the ticketing link below and catch 12 bands for only $20 in the beautiful setting of the Historic Fremont! Headliners include Moonshiner, Zongo, Drive In Romeos and Captain Nasty!

Good Medicine Presents & Numbskull Productions are proud to present an evening of the finest San Luis Obispo talent at The Historic Fremont Theater.

Behind every beginning there is a door that had to be closed; the passion from the end of one journey igniting a start to the new endeavor. After sharing countless life experiences and times on stage, the seven friends that called the band Still Time their lives decided it was time to step away. From the close, began a new musical journey for singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Dan Curcio. His need to continue creating music led to the indie folk project, Moonshiner Collective.

In years past, Curcio found himself continuously hung up on attaining the level of success of his music idols and was often losing sight of the small triumphs that make up the journey. To be able to continue playing music on his terms, he knew that he had to shed these preconceived notions about success and return to his creative roots. This enlightened thought led him to swiftly pack up and move to a yurt in a lush valley of the California coastal town of Cayucos. Here Curcio was able to realign and fine tune his instrumental talents. Nights spent with his guitar and his thoughts brought upon a fresh perspective about the enjoyment of life's experiences and about the redesign of band structure.

A similar evaluation of how to devote his time to both his family and music, led him back to Bob Dylan's song "Moonshiner" which helped to solidify his moniker, "I've been conflicted for a while now about the journey of the close-to-home family man vs. the road worn, whiskey drinking troubadour, and have a place in my heart for both. This name [Moonshiner Collective] represents the combination of these two lifestyles with Moonshiner representing that ramblin' troubadour path and the Collective aspect speaking to a feeling of family, community, and all inclusiveness."

Upon returning to civilization, Curcio made the decision that Moonshiner Collective would be a musical project he carries on for the rest of his life. The project is designed to be a revolving door of creative perspectives, as it trades talented musicians in and out; with Curcio's soothing vocals and introspective lyrics serving as the backbone. The first contributor brought aboard, to aid in growing Moonshiner Collective's indie folk sound, is Nathan Towne. At the spry age of 23, Towne has already made a name for himself with his multi-instrumental talents and knack for creating intricately layered sounds through live looping during performances. Together, the two are able to create a lush full band sound and muster feelings of warm nostalgia, encapsulated in modern deliveries, within any listener.

The first release Moonshiner Collective is offering up, is a full length album entitled Let Go. It features a collaboration of sounds from guitars, keys, banjo, bass, harmonica, violin, ukulele, drum and percussion, by both men. Paired alongside Curcio's airy croons, the final product is an upbeat indie record that has been infused with California soul. The accessible sound is something that can bridge gaps in generations and genres; with an allure they feel can draw fans of Mumford & Sons, Ben Harper, Van Morrison, and Pearl Jam.

The free feeling portrayed in Let Go is derived from the enlightened perspective Curcio gained about enjoying the journeys life presents, rather than the end goals he sets out to achieve. The messages of simplicity and positivity conveyed throughout the album were inspired by the Eastern philosophy of the Tao Te Ching; with each song being told from a different aspect of what it means to let go. As Let Go begins to flood listener's ears and the current lineup takes their sounds on the road, Moonshiner Collective is hoping that the connection they make with listeners will continue to build a loyal grassroots following that transcends generations, cultural backgrounds, and social stigmas.

The Ragged Jubilee - "Pyramid Scheme" Vinyl Release Show

The Ragged Jubilee is a four-piece Blues/Rock n' Roll band residing in Los Angeles, CA. Embracing the raw sound and energy of classic rock, they have created their own style and passion for anything that gets feet stompin' and bodies moving. Live shows are filled with cutting banjo, a booming bass/rhythm section, and integrated guitar, organ, and percussion. What really makes it a unique experience is the expressive power of lead singer Ethan Burns. His vocals are filled with soulful introspection that you will feel. No show is exactly the same, but the band is always guaranteed to bring relentless energy and musicianship that is impossible to ignore.

Próxima Parada

Próxima Parada has earned a name in San Luis Obispo County. Starting in 2012 as a group of friends wanting to extend their dynamic to their community, they never knew that their project would reach the stage of their favorite venues and music festivals, that their songs would earn awards, that their local radio stations would put their recordings on regular rotation. Próxima Parada’s music ranges from unadorned folk, to soul and blues, clear up to floor-stomping dance numbers with enough passion to attract any open ears. Próxima Parada is Nick Larson (vocals, keys, guitar), Kevin Middlekauff (bass), Josh Collins (guitar), and Aaron Kroeger (drums).

Bear Market Riot

In 2014 Kirk Nordby and Nick Motil met at a songwriter showcase in San Luis Obispo, CA. Over a bowl of gumbo the two conspired to busk together at the Baywood-Los Osos Farmer's Market. Upon agreement that two beards are better than one, they became Bear Market Riot.

Bear Market Riot is "Power-Folk Americana" music from California's Central Coast. The duo blends everything from Folk to R&B into an infectious sound that could only come from two bearded men playing 6 instruments all while keeping a full dance floor satisfied. Nordby and Motil captivate audiences of all-ages with catchy originals, and an arsenal of high-energy originally interpreted covers.

In their first year as a band Bear Market Riot played just about every winery, brewery, venue, and restaurant you could think of in SLO county including appearances at the California Mid-State Fair, Cal Poly University, and Vina Robles Amphitheatre. The duo released their eponymous EP of originals in the summer of 2015. That winter they secured funding through a successful Kickstarter campaign to record a full-length album to be released in late 2016.

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