The Prettiots (Album Release Party!)

The Prettiots (Album Release Party!)

NYC’s The Prettiots are Kay Kasparhauser and Lulu Prat. While they’ve been playing shows and writing songs together for over a year – all the while earning press fans like Bust, Nylon, Rookie, Noisey, and the New York Times – their first official release, a 7” single for “Suicide Hotline,” was released this June via label home Rough Trade Records. NPR Music’s review of that track goes far to characterize The Prettiot’s sensibility: “’Suicide Hotline’, like many Prettiots songs, couches stunning barbs of insight between sweet, fun harmonies and playful ukulele strums.”

As Kasparhauser explained in a Rookie Magazine interview earlier this year, “My lyrics are completely honest...they’re 100% true to my thoughts at any given moment. I like to talk about Werner Herzog and sex.” In that same interview, she admitted to musical influences as wide- ranging as Eyehategod, Lightning Bolt, and ABBA; the latter might be a little easier to glean from the music of The Prettiots, though they’ve been known to cover The Misfits and System Of A Down live.

The Britanys

Since releasing their first single 'Want To Be' with Converse Rubber Tracks, The Britanys have been getting praise from publications such as NME, DIY Magazine, and Popular TV. Named one of the top 10 bands from New York to look out for in 2015 by the New York Observer, The Britanys have quickly been getting comparisons to The Strokes, Iggy Pop, and New York circa CBGB's in it's prime.

After building a studio in their basement in Brooklyn, The Britanys have just finished recording another single 'City Boys,' which will be a part of their next EP out on Lolipop Records this Fall.

"'Want To Be' by the fuzzy New York upstarts The Britanys...sounding like something The Strokes might have wandered into in the early noughties"- NME Magazine

The Britanys sound like they've absorbed the work of their yesteryear heroes and flipped all inspiration upside down. Every aspect of 'Want To Be''s delivery sits outside the norm, even though the thrashing chords and New York vibe recall early The Strokes. - DIY Magazine

The Britanys deserve a spot on your springtime playlist, mostly because their breezy tunes are just so damn good.- Popular TV

Dare I say, their concept bleeds into the influences of Velvet Underground and even Iggy Pop circa 1977- Alt Citizen"

Pastel post-punk


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